The reservation’s genie has once again come out of the bottle in promotion.

During the hearing in Janrail Singh vs Laxmi Narayan Gupta and other suits, the Supreme Court has asked all the state governments to provide legal parties note on reservation in promotion. After this decision of the court, the attention of the general and reserved class employees is on the state governments.

Chief Secretary Om Prakash said that he has not yet received a copy of the court’s decision. According to him, a decision has been taken from the court on reservation in promotion in Uttarakhand. Meanwhile, the Uttarakhand Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Employees Federation has requested the state government that it has an opportunity to rectify its mistake after the Supreme Court demanded notes from the states. The All India Equality Forum, which had been agitating against reservation in the promotion, said that the state government should not come under any class pressure and should not make any change in the system given earlier.

Here is the order of the Supreme Court:
In the matter of reservation and consequent preference in promotion of SC and ST, the Supreme Court has asked all the states to make a written note of their legal aspects pending in the court and hand it over to the Attorney General. The State Advocate on Record has been ordered to submit written notes in two weeks. The Attorney General has to file a draft legal issue in the court in four weeks after seeing the notes of the states.

Employee organization in action by court decision:
After the decision of the court, the employees’ organizations which were agitating against the reservation in the promotion and in support, have become shocked. They are now demanding from the state government about their own side.

Correct state government: Karam Ram
State President of Uttarakhand Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Employees Federation, Karam Ram said that after the Supreme Court order, now the state government has the opportunity to rectify the mistake made earlier. He said that in the note prepared by the state government, Indu Kumar Pandey and Irshad Hussain commission should also mention the facts of the report.

According to Karam Ram, the representation of SC ST employees is still not complete in state service. SC has 19.84 per cent relative to 19 per cent, 12.16 per cent representation in Group B and 13.91 per cent representation in Group C. Similarly, the percentage of ST employees is 1.66 percent to 2.98 percent in the three groups relative to reservation.

Government should not come under the pressure of special category: Nautiyal
National General Secretary VP Nautiyal of All India Equality Forum said that in Uttarakhand, the state does not currently have reservation in promotion. The state government should not come under pressure from any particular class. If there is talk of any change under the pressure of a particular section of the government, the forum and the Uttarakhand General OBC Employees Association will not sit silent.

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