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The restaurant’s bar license will now be available in 35 days.

The Uttarakhand government has ended the game of hilahwali in issuing bar licenses in the Excise Department. Under the new arrangement, the applicant will be issued a license in 35 days. The applicant does not have to go round to the departmental officers for bar license of the restaurant. Nor will they have to wait two-two years for the license.

Now this entire system of issuing licenses has been simplified. The entire process of issuing licenses will now be online. The regime has also simplified the process of one-day bar licenses issued for wedding parties or small parties at banquet halls.

Applicants for this license also had to do a lot of circumambulation. Now, bar license will be issued within two hours of online application of all the application fee and conditions. In this regard, orders have been issued on the instructions of Secretary Excise Secretary Kurve.

Action will be taken if offline license is issued:
According to Secretary Excise Sachin Kurve, under the upcoming new system all types of licenses will be issued online now. If offline licenses are issued from anywhere at the departmental level, strict action will be taken against the officer concerned. The online system will facilitate the applicants.

Online application will be valid, this will be the process:
Only online applications for bar license will be valid. For hotel or restaurant, the applicant will have to make a draft of 50 thousand rupees in the name of the District Magistrate as license fee. All the necessary records have to be uploaded online.

An affidavit of the partners will also have to be given that they are not defaulters of state revenue and are not punished or cognizable or punished in non-bailable offenses or NDPS Act.

The District Excise Officer will send the Excise Inspection on site inspection within two days of the application. Terrestrial inspection report will be ready within 20 days. Senior Superintendent of Police and District Excise Officer will inform DM within three days.

On the second Tuesday or holiday every month, there will be a meeting on the next working day, in which these applications will be decided. This entire process has to be completed in 35 days.

Registration required for one day bar license:
The Excise Department will issue a one-time license to the same Wedding Point or Banquet Hall whose premises will be registered yearly. The applicant has to give a certificate in writing that there is a fire prevention system in his premises. For this, the application will have to be submitted to the DM on the prescribed form.

After the approval of DM, the District Excise Officer will issue a one-day license. Applications will be accepted at the excise officer’s office from 9 am to 2 am. On approval of DM, the applicant will get the login ID and password along with the registration number on the departmental website. The Excise Officer will upload the license on the departmental website. Applicant will get his license through login and password by visiting the departmental website.

License can also be taken for 30 days:
After annual registration of Banquet Hall or Wedding Point, the applicant can also get a license for one day or 30 days. He can proceed it by paying the prescribed fee.