Devotees will not walk on the royal bath.

On the royal bath of Mahakumbh, passengers should not have any problem in reaching the ghats from the parking lot. For this, a shuttle service of 700 buses will be operated on 12 and 14 April. The buses will be operated by the fair police. This time, passengers will not have to walk very far to bathe.

During the Mahakumbh Mela, there is a huge crowd of devotees at the royal bath. In such a situation, the operation of autos and e-rickshaws is also stopped when the pressure of passengers on the roads increases. This causes the passengers to walk for several kilometers to reach the ghats.

100 buses of shuttle service were to be operated on Mahashivratri festival also. The buses could not operate due to the negligence of the fair administration. Now 700 shuttle services will be run for the royal baths to be held on April 12 and 14. These buses will take devotees from railway stations and parking lots to the ghats. These buses will also leave the pilgrims back. Routes of buses are being determined on the instructions of IG Kumbh Mela.

Food Responsibility:
The Transport Corporation will have to make arrangements for the eating and lodging of the drivers and operators of the buses. The buses will not go to the workshop between 10 and 15 March. The bus stand will also be made in Rishikul.

Will be equipped with GPS:
The buses of Uttarakhand Transport Corporation will not have GPS. GPS will be installed in them. So that the fair police can know where the bus is operating at the moment. In such a situation, if a bus has to be sent somewhere, it will be sent immediately after seeing the location of its driver.

A list of 700 buses, including the mobile numbers of the drivers and their registration numbers, has been sought from the officials of the Haridwar depot of the Uttarakhand Transport Corporation. Most buses have arrived before the bath. Their operation will be started soon. This time the buses will be operated by the fair police.
– Sanjay Gunjyal, IG Kumbh Mela

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