Russia-Ukraine War: India has called this claim of Russia completely wrong, praise of Ukraine!

Russia had claimed that Ukraine was taking Indian students hostage and using them as a shield. India has said that the Ukrainian authorities have so far helped in the evacuation of the Indians and even now the Indian government is seeking their support in evacuating the stranded Indians. India has also thanked the neighboring countries of Ukraine.

India has rejected Russia’s claim in which Russia said that Ukraine is taking Indians trapped in its country hostage and using them as a shield. India has rejected Russia’s claim and said that we have not received any report of taking Indians hostage in Ukraine. Ukraine had also said on Russia’s allegation that not Ukraine but the Russian army is taking the students of India hostage. India has termed the claim of both the countries as wrong.

On Thursday, the Indian Foreign Ministry said that it has not received any report from Ukraine in which an Indian has been taken hostage. Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said that the Indian Embassy in Ukraine is in constant touch with the Indians stranded in Ukraine and no such news has been received so far.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, ‘We should note that with the help of Ukrainian authorities, many students have been able to leave Kharkiv yesterday. We have not received any report of any student being held hostage. We have requested the Ukrainian authorities to support us in the evacuation of Indian students stranded in Kharkiv and other areas of Ukraine by arranging special trains from Ukraine.

Rejecting Russia’s claim of the Indians being held hostage, a foreign ministry statement said, “We are engaged in effective dialogue with countries around Ukraine, including Russia, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Moldova.” In the last few days, a large number of Indian nationals have been evacuated from Ukraine. We appreciate the help provided by the Ukrainian side.

The ministry further said in its statement that we thank the western neighbors of Ukraine for allowing Indian nationals to enter and stay in the country till the flight.

What did Russia have to say?

On Thursday, both Russia and Ukraine claimed that some Indians had been taken hostage in war-torn Ukraine. On Wednesday, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to Russian President Vladimir Putin over the phone. After this, the Russian Embassy in India tweeted that the two leaders discussed the issue of evacuation of Indians trapped in Ukraine.

It was alleged by tweeting from Russia that Ukraine had taken some Indians hostage and is using them as shields. The tweet read, ‘Russia is trying to immediately evacuate Indian students from Kharkiv to Russia through the shortest route through the Humanitarian Corridor. We have got information that these students were taken hostage by Ukraine. Ukraine uses students as shields and prevents them from going to Russia. Ukraine has full responsibility for this.

Ukraine also accused Russia:

Ukraine rejected Russia’s claim, accusing Russia itself that the Russian army is taking students from India and other countries hostage. Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry said, “We immediately appeal to the governments of India, Pakistan, China and other countries that their students have been taken hostage by the Russian army in Kharkiv and Sami.”

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