Review: Is Safehaven a Secure website? Safehaven Review!

How to recognize scam website, online reviews of any website and type of scams? With the growing internet users this is the most searched question on internet. As online scams are emerging in numerous ways users want to know which online site they should trust. If you are one of those users who want to know about review then, you are happily welcomed here. Review: Is Safehaven a Secure website? Safehaven Review!

#type 1 scam: Online shopping

Before preferring any shopping site for yourself do an internet check and check what others are saying about that website.

Scammers are creating scam shopping websites to cheat innocent customers. Scammers creates scam sites that may look real to trap the customers into scam.

In the scam website scammers displays attractive items at unrealistic prices, they hides their companies true identity, accept only PayPal, displays products at un-limited quantities, provide tricky policies, mostly their domain are newly created.

If customers will buy any product from scam site they will receive fake items or nothing so, please be careful of scam-shopping sites.

#type 2 scam: Fraud lottery

Under lottery scam the scammers will send you mail or they will call you any notify you that you have won certain amount of lottery and in the name of tax the scammers will tell you to transfer some amount.

Lottery scammers will sometimes tell you to pay some amount by visiting a scam website; as soon as the user will do payment they will steal their credit-card details.

#type 3 scam: Dating fraud

To find Mr. /Mrs. Perfect for themselves people nowadays give priority to dating sites but, they lose their lots of money while finding their Mr. / Mrs. Perfect as the dating sites that they trust appears to be scam dating fraud.

The scammers will build the trust of people and when they will start trusting them they will disappear by taking their money.

#type 4 scam: Social media fraud

With the tremendous social media users, social media frauds are also growing. Social media scammers collects user’s personal details and passwords. After stealing password and personal details they try handle their social media page.

#type 5 scam: Bitcoin fraud

Bit coin is a popular cryptocurrency so, with its growing popularity its scam are also growing faster to steal some money and all personal details from the users.

The bit fraudster encourages the customers to make an initial investment in the business and they will also promise the customers that they will make them rich.

The coins they will sells are sometimes at high risk or either worthless and customers investment will go towards nothing, they will also have customers personal information that they will use it against them.

#type 6 scam: Phishing scam

Phishing is an attempt by fraudsters to take customer all personal information. Emails are crafted by scammers to send the customers that may look genuine.

Phishing scams comes in multitude types, phishing scammers can also send emails that notifies the customers that their account is being hacked by other party so for protecting it you have to click the given link and ask the customers to fill their information.

#type 7 scam: Earn money fraud

Earn money fraudster will give the opportunity to users by promising them to give handsome amount just by performing few tasks. To register the money earning site they will tell the users to deposit some amount for job kit and after taking money from the visitors they will disappear and after that customers can’t track them.

#type 8 scam: Anniversary or gift card scam

The anniversary or gift card scammer’s shares a link with a message that the website is celebrating its anniversary that claims to give free gift on its anniversary.

The fraudster will tell the users to click on the provided link and after clicking congratulations you have won gifts, notification will pop-up. Within no time the anniversary/scam fraudster will promises the users to win fantastic gifts please do not trust such fraud gift cards.

Some other scams:

As we have told you about all types of online scams in the above article. However, some websites are closed after a few days, or their domain expires, or they are no longer accessible. Some of the websites also lead to a different one.

If you want to learn more about a website that has been shut down, you may look up its reviews, as well as its transparency and whether it was a shopping site or not.

Did you find this Safehaven article helpful, now you will be able to identify the scam and whom you should trust?

If you want to say something about scams then please place your thoughts in the comment box.

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