Scientists at GB Pant Himalaya Environment Institute discovered two compounds to fight the corona.

Scientists at the GB Pant Himalayan Environment Institute, Katarmal Almora, Uttarakhand, in a campaign of war from Corona, have discovered two compounds that may become enemies of SARV-KOVI-2, the father of Covid-19.

Due to the high quality of this research, it has been published in the prestigious London Science Report. The team of scientists and researchers involved in this research wants that an Indian pharmaceutical company makes Covid medicine based on it.

Researchers at the Environmental Institute, Kosi Katarmal, after testing a group of 1528 HIV-1 compounds using a computer method, selected 356 such compounds, which appeared likely to prevent infection with the corona virus. Then 84 such compounds were selected which were not antiviral and did not affect the absorption, distribution, digestion, excretion process.

Later 40 such compounds possessing medicinal properties were obtained from the molecular docking method using 3-CLC of corona virus. (3-chymotrypsin like protease) were found to be active against the enzyme. According to scientists, 3-CLC Pro found in the corona virus. (3-chymotrypsin like protease) enzyme responsible for growth in corona virus.

Scientist Kirit Kumar congratulated all the team members:
3-CLC Pro to stop the growth of corona virus. Neutralizing an enzyme called (3-chymotrypsin like protease) is essential. The team eventually selected two compounds that were found to be effectively active against the corona virus by molecular dynamics and simulation methods.

The members of the team that published the research include Dr. Maheshanand, Dr. Priyanka Maity, Tushar Joshi, Dr. Veena Pandey, Dr. Subhash Chandra, Dr. MA Ramakrishnan and Dr. Jessie Kuniyal. Dr. RS Rawal, Senior Scientist Kirit Kumar, Director, GB Pant Himalaya Environment Institute, congratulated all the team members.
Now its availability in the botanical world will also be explored:
Scientists and researchers are very excited by this research. He wants an Indian pharmaceutical company to manufacture Covid medicine on its basis. He informed that after identifying effective compounds against Covid, an attempt will be made to make its availability in the botanical world also.

Vegetation with the availability of these compounds is also possible to treat the disease. However, the two compounds derived from this research are likely to be re-clinical trial and patent filed.

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