Scientists involved in preparing data of drains, rivers, springs and lakes to deal with water crisis.

The team of scientists from the Uttarakhand Space Utilization Center (USAC) is preparing a satellite database of all the rivers including waterfalls, lakes, drains and skins along with the instructions of the Ministry of Water Power. The team of scientists is also marking all the waters, which are not currently known, along with rivers, springs, lakes through satellite.

USAC scientists believe that if complete information about the rivers, drains and waterfalls are collected, then policies can be made to deal with future water crisis.

USAC Director and Senior Astronomer Prof. MPS Bisht said that the team of scientists Bhagirathi, Alaknanda, Sharda, Kali Ganga, Kedarganga, Tilgad, Jalandhari, Asigad, Bhilangana, Uttaraganga, Saraswati, Dhauliganga, Rishiganga, Kheeragad, Dhauliganga, Bhiraiganga, Patalganga, Mandakini, Pinder, Kutthi, Gary , Including Saryu, is preparing satellite data of all the small and big rivers of the state. After preparing the database of rivers, springs, lakes, drains, a detailed report of these will be prepared and submitted to the Ministry of Hydropower.

Director Prof. Bisht said that all the water resources of the state will have to be used more and more to deal with the manner in which water crisis is arising year after year in different areas of Uttarakhand. Only then can we overcome this crisis.

Apart from usaq, apart from scientists of National Institute of Hydrology, engineers of Irrigation Department are also preparing all the data at their level. In future meetings of all the concerned departments will be shared in meetings organized by the Ministry of Water Power or the State Government.

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