SDRF Rescued the Person who fell in the Ditch!

The situation arising due to Monsoon rains in the state is continuously inviting untoward incidents. Incidents of river drowning, water entering houses, road blocking with debris are happening daily. Today SDRF team Gochar received information from caller Virendra that a person has fallen into a ditch due to slipping feet in Chamdhar Farashu, Srinagar. On the above information, the team of HC Bhagat Singh immediately rushed to the spot with all the equipment. On reaching the spot, the said person, who is mentally ill, was rescued from the ditch and handed over to the district police by the team. HC Bhagat Singh, constable Upendra Ishtwal, Devendra Lal, Narendra Lal, Robin Kumar, Ranjit Singh, Vivekananda and Manoj Singh were included in the SDRF rescue team.

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