On the day of Shahi Snan, there will be movement of vehicles on three lanes on the highway.

A green corridor will be built from Dehradun to Haridwar to deal with any accidental event in Mahakumbh. For this, one lane on Fourlane Highway will be kept empty. This lane will be used immediately if required. For this, the Fair Police has started preparations.

During Mahakumbh Mela many times large events happen. Along with this, traffic pressure on the highway increases at times during the Shahi or other baths. Ambulances and other accidental vehicles cannot find their way due to increased traffic pressure.

During the royal bath, if there is a crowd on the highway and someone is in desperate need of treatment, then the Green Corridor has been prepared for it. During this time, one lane on the highway will be kept completely empty on the day of the royal bath. Vehicles will be routed through three lanes. At the same time, the bottleneck coming in the way of the Green Corridor will be removed by the policemen already posted there.

This will work during the Green Corridor:
Vehicles coming from Dehradun towards Haridwar will be sent from Dot Kali temple via Gagalhedi of Saharanpur via Roorkee. At the same time, vehicles coming from Rishikesh to Najibabad or Haridwar will be sent from Pashulok Barrage via Chila. In addition to this, the Hillbipas route will also be used as an alternative if required. So that accidental vehicles passing through the Green Corridor do not face any problem.

This is how the Green Corridor is formed:
Under the Integrated Traffic Management System, the vehicle’s number plate is scanned. When this ambulance passes through intersections or crossings, the camera scans it and turns the signal green. After this the vehicle reaches the destination without any hindrance. Vehicles from this system abroad run in the Green Corridor.

Green corridor being built from Dehradun to Haridwar:
A green corridor is being constructed from Dehradun to Haridwar during the Maha Kumbh Mela. The specialty of this corridor is that here the vehicle will be given a red card. If necessary, this red card will be placed on the vehicle. After which the policemen themselves will get this vehicle a path.

During the Mahakumbh fair, a green corridor is being prepared in view of the crowd on the highway. Its plan has been completed. A line on the highway will be kept empty during the royal bath.
– Sanjay Gunjyal, Inspector General of Police, Kumbh Mela Haridwar

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