The work of six sewer treatment plants in Doon has been completed.

So far, 34.14 MLD sewer treatment is being done in these 47.13 capacity plants. After the joint infection, by the end of this month, the Drinking Water Corporation will handover these STPs to the watershed. With this, the Jal Nigam has completed the work of 198 km sewer line out of 296.38 km sewer line and handover them to the Jal Sansthan. Another STP is yet to be built in Kaulagarh. Tenders have been made for this

Actually, through the Amrit Yojana, 13th Finance Commission on behalf of the Drinking Water Corporation, the work of laying sewer lines in Doon has been done. About 296. 38 km line is to be laid by Drinking Water Corporation, including Defense Colony of Doon, Shastri Nagar, Vijay Colony, Salawala, Doon Vihar Jakhan, Mohit Nagar. Out of this, the work of 198 km lines has been completed by the Drinking Water Corporation. Six treatment plants have been built by the Drinking Water Corporation for 296.38 km of sewer lines. The capacity of which is 47.13 MLD. They are currently undergoing joint infection. This month, drinking water will be handed over to all these treatment plants in the watershed.

Sewer lines have been laid in Kaulagarh area years ago, but due to non-STP formation, people are not getting the benefit of sewer line. Now its construction will also be completed soon. Three MLDs are to be built here. Tenders have been issued for this. In Doon Vihar, there is a problem of land for STP, but now Hull Corporation has also done this, here too, Drinking Water Corporation will soon construct STP. Mothrowala has two sewerage treatment plants of 20–20 MLD each, but their capacity is far less than what sewer is reaching here. At present, only 27 MLD sewers are reaching here.

STP is made here
Location                             Capacity (MLD)                            Treatment
Mothrovala                                   40                                               27
Vijay Colony                              0.42                                            0.23
Salawala                                     0.71                                            0.3
Jakhan                                       1.00                                            0.11
Indira Nagar                             5.00                                             6.5

Construction of six STPs in Doon has been completed. Their capacity is 47.13 MLD. All STPs are undergoing joint inspection. After joint inspection, they will be handed over to the Jal Sansthan. In Kaulagarh, tenders have been submitted for 3 MLD STPs. Its construction will be completed soon.
– Deepak Malik, EE, Jalanigam Doon Division

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