Smart ration cards will be released from next week.

Preparation to make public distribution system transparent through smart ration card in Dehradun is in the final stage. The district food supply department has started getting printed smart ration cards. The department will start issuing new cards through ration vendors in a phased manner from next week.

For the effective implementation of the new card, it has also been targeted to connect 100 percent ration shops with online PDS. An order was made by DSO to make about four and a quarter lakh smart ration cards in the district, out of which around 80 thousand printed ration cards have been handed over to the department. Now the department is preparing a list of card holders, who will be given new ration cards in the first phase. As the department gets new cards, they will be issued continuously. However, the department is also angry over the slow pace of printing ration cards.

The executive body has been asked to provide the card soon. The department says that the food distribution system will be transparent with this card. Explain that the department had been conducting an ambitious scheme of smart ration card for almost two years. In the initial phase, a committee was constituted under the chairmanship of Joint Commissioner Pangati, in which smart ration cards in other states
Success was studied.

The card will be like this:
The smart ration card will be like an ATM card. In this, the card number, cardholder’s name, family member and other information related to the food scheme will be computerized. Ration vendors will be provided with a swap machine, on which cardholders will be able to swap ration cards as at ATMs. Identification will also be confirmed biometrically. Food grains will be distributed online through this ration card. This will also force the ration seller to join online PDS.

The department has received 80 thousand smart ration cards. They will be released from next week. There will be transparency in PDS through these ration cards. In the initial phase, cards will be issued to eligible people, this will be the effort. Officers and employees are engaged in this work.
– Jaswant Singh Kandari, DSO

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