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On the night of 14 December Amavasya, there will be a solar eclipse of Khandagras.

On the night of 14 December Amavasya, there will be a solar eclipse of Khandagras. The eclipse will happen at night according to Indian time, so it will neither be visible in India, nor will it have any effect in India. There will not be even a thread. The solar eclipse will start from 7:03 pm till 12:23 pm, that is, about five hours and 20 minutes. It can be seen in South America, South Africa and parts of the Pacific Ocean.
Jyotishacharya Sunil Chopra said that this is the last solar eclipse of this year, before that the solar eclipse was on 21 June. Two solar eclipses will occur in the next year 2021. The first will be on 10 June and the second on 4 December 2021.
According to astronomers, when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, the Moon stops the Sunlight from reaching the Earth by covering it partially or completely behind it. During this time, darkness falls on the earth due to lack of light. This phenomenon is called solar eclipse.

Amavasya is on 14 December:
The Earth revolves around the Sun and the Moon revolves around the Earth. Sometimes the moon comes between the sun and the earth. This event always happens on Amavasya. December 14 is also the new moon day.

There are six eclipses in this year of turmoil:
It may be noted that the year 2020 has been a year of many pandemics, including the Corona epidemic and more than two dozen earthquakes. There have been a total of six eclipses in this year of extreme turmoil. These include three lunar eclipses while two solar eclipses.
There are three types of solar eclipse:
Full Solar Eclipse: When the lunar between the Earth and the Sun completely covers the sunlight, this phenomenon is called a complete solar eclipse.
Partial solar eclipse: When the moon comes between the sun and the earth, it partially covers the sun behind it, then only partial light of the sun reaches the earth. This is called partial solar eclipse.
Rectangular Solar Eclipse: When the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth, it does not cover the Sun completely, covering the part between it, making the Sun appear like a ring when viewed from Earth. It is called annular solar eclipse.