On Friday, some crows were found dead in Sitabpur area adjacent to Paniyali on Devi Road.

In the area adjoining Paniyali Gadere in Ward No-16 Sitabpur area of ​​Kotdwar Municipal Corporation, Uttarakhand, there was a stir in the administration along with the people due to the news of the death of five crows. Connecting the matter with bird flu, people reported to the Tehsil Administration, Forest Department, Animal Husbandry Department. The team of departmental officers took samples of the dead crows. The sample is being sent to Bhopal’s High Security Animal Disease Digital Lab Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh).

On Friday, some crows were found dead in Sitabpur area adjacent to Paniyali on Devi Road. Sitabpur resident Dr. Padmesh Budakoti informed Councilor Gayatri Bhatt about the matter in the area. The councilor informed the animal husbandry department and administration. On receiving the information, SDM Yogesh Mehra, Tehsildar Vikas Awasthi, Kotdwar Range Officer Sheetal Vaidya, Veterinary Officer Dr. BM Gupta reached the spot.The samples of dead ravens are being sent by the Forest Department to Bhopal’s lab for examination. On the other hand, Ranger Sheetal Vaidya said that samples of three dead crows are being sent to the lab for examination, while two crows are buried. Energy Corporation’s high-tension line is passing through the place where the crows have been found dead. Prima facie the death of crows seems to be due to electrocution. In view of bird flu, samples are being sent for examination.

The voices were coming for three days
Director of Himalayan Heritage Studies Center, Dr. Padmesh Budakoti said that there are fish and chicken mutton shops near the bridge on Devirod, which keeps birds hovering near the bridge in Paniyali Gadere. For the last three days a lot of voices of crows were being heard in the area. On Friday, three crows were found dead in the fields of three and nearby people in Paniyali Gadre. He said that this is a sensitive matter and should be investigated.
Preparations to increase capacity of State Poultry Zone
In order to promote the poultry farm in Pauri district, preparations are being made by the Animal Husbandry Department to increase the capacity of Government poultry sector Kotdwar. An amount of 98.9 lakh has been approved by the District Mineral Foundation Trust on behalf of the district administration. Machines and generators have been procured by the Animal Husbandry Department. The chicken fence will also be prepared in the next four months.

With the new project, 32 thousand eggs can be laid daily to make chickens. After a week, they are kept in the hatchery machine for three days and the chicks develop. The chicken fence will also be ready in four months. Dr. Rajesh Kumar, in-charge of poultry sector said that machines and generators have been procured to increase the capacity of poultry sector. The department is trying to develop poultry farm in four months.

Kadnath and Vanaraja’s chickens are being prepared
In the state poultry sector, there is also the responsibility of Rudraprayag along with the district Pauri. Here, along with Kadaknath, the chicks of Vanaraja are being developed in the hatchery. The color of Vanaraja is brown. The egg laying capacity of the Vanaraja chicken is higher than that of other chickens. It lays up to 200 eggs in 72 weeks. However, in the case of health, Kadaknath eggs are high in protein and immunity. Last year 1,26,000 thousand chickens were distributed by Kotdwar. The people of the area are being provided Rs. 22 per chick of Vanaraja species and Rs. 30 per chick of Kadaknath species.
Drone monitoring done in reservoirs of Terai Eastern Forest Division
The forest department has increased vigilance after outbreak of bird flu and death of many birds in many states of the country. On Friday, the forest team monitored birds with drone cameras around the reservoirs of the Terai Eastern Forest Division.

Ranger Abhimanyu, in-charge of IFS and Barakoli, said that hundreds of foreign birds visit the Bagul, Dhaura, Nanaksagar and Sharda Sagar reservoirs in the Terai Eastern Forest Division Haldwani during the winter season. Due to this there is a risk of bird flu infection. In view of this, migratory birds are being monitored around the reservoir through drones on the instructions of DFO of Terai Eastern Forest Division.

If there is an untimely death of a bird, the team will investigate it immediately. It was informed that aerial videography and photography of the area will be intensively analyzed by drone two days a week. With this, immediate necessary steps will be taken to prevent bird flu cases coming to notice.

He informed that forest personnel are also doing regular patrolling in bird-dominated areas in the Division’s range. The IFS has appealed people to immediately inform the forest or animal husbandry department if dead birds are found anywhere. Said to keep distance from birds found dead.

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