Sports quota proposed in Uttarakhand, the minister said – players will get jobs as soon as the order is made

Sports Minister Rekha Arya said that the state government and the sports department are committed to provide all possible facilities to the players.
Four percent sports quota is proposed by the sports department to give out-of-term jobs to outstanding performing sportspersons and jobs in government departments. As soon as its orders are issued, the players will be given jobs as per the rules. Rekha Arya has assured all the players that soon they will be given jobs under sports quota.

Athlete Mansi Negi had demanded job on internet media:
In the past, athlete Mansi Negi had posted on the internet media demanding a job from the state government. His post was widely circulated on the internet media. People started giving different reactions on this. Taking cognizance of this, Sports Minister Rekha Arya has assured the players for jobs through sports quota. The Sports Minister said that the department is serious about providing facilities to the players.
Four percent sports quota is proposed to provide jobs to sportspersons who have excelled in the field of sports. The players will be given jobs when the order is issued. He said that according to the sports policy, the department provides prize money to the sportspersons who win medals and participate at the national and international level.
Athlete Suraj Panwar has been given Rs 8 lakh 62 thousand 500 and Mansi Negi Rs 2 lakh 35 thousand. Similarly, prize money is given to medal winning players and their coaches from time to time by the department.
Chief Minister will hand over a check of one lakh to Mansi on 24th:
On behalf of the Sports Department, Mansi Negi is being given prize money under the sports policy for winning a medal. Joint Director Youth Welfare Ajay Kumar Agarwal said that in the year 2018-19, Rs 47500, Rs 87500 in 2019-20, Rs 75000 in 2021-22 were given.
A check of one lakh rupees has been made from January 1, 2022 to June 30, which will be given to Mansi Negi on behalf of the Chief Minister on March 24. From July 1 to December 31, a bill of Rs 887,500 is being sent to the treasury. Funds will be made available through DBT or Bank as soon as they become available.

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