Cabinet meeting today.

The state cabinet will meet at the state secretariat on Thursday under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Tirath Singh Rawat. In the meeting, a proposal can be made to open the school from the first to the fifth grade. Apart from this, the proposal of the Mahalaxmi Scheme of the Women Empowerment and Child Development Department can also be approved by the Cabinet. Apart from this, the cabinet will also brainstorm on the growing cases of corona in the state and may take some decisions. The meeting will take place at five in the evening.

This important decision was taken in the previous cabinet:
In the first cabinet meeting of the Tirath government on March 12, the government gave big relief to the people by taking important decisions. The government had decided that the government would withdraw the lawsuits filed during the lockdown for violating rules under the Kovid Pandemic Act and the Disaster Management Act.

The budget session ends in Bharadisain, notification issued:
The Governor has given permission to end the budget session which started in March in the state. After getting permission from the Raj Bhavan, the Assembly Secretariat has also issued a notification to end the budget session.

This time the state government had organized the budget session in the summer capital of Garsain-Bharadisain in the month of March. The session was supposed to last till March 10, but suddenly on March 6, the session was postponed for an indefinite time.

This was also linked to the change in leadership in the ruling party in the state. Now a notification has been issued by the Legislative Assembly Secretariat to abolish the budget. The Finance Appropriation Bill passed by the state government in Garsain has recently got approval from Raj Bhavan.

Parents unhappy with an order to send young children to school:
The state government has also decided to conduct classes from April 15 for children up to the 5th standard. This decision of the government is not being embraced by the parents amid growing Corona cases. Parents say that Corona cases are increasing rapidly. In such a situation, sending children to school is not free from any danger. Because schools are also asking parents to send them to school at their own risk. He says that at present, the government should reconsider the decision to open schools for young children and instruct schools to teach children from online classes as before.

Are increasing rapidly in the case of the corona. In such a situation, sending children to school is not less of a threat. The government should reconsider the decision to send children to school until the situation returns to normal. Start studying through online classes as before.
– Bina Devi, Baniwala, Premnagar, Guardian

On the one hand, the government is making different kinds of rules and laws to protect against corona. On the other hand, there is talk of sending children to school. Sending children to school is nothing short of a threat. The government should direct schools to arrange online education as before.
– Babita Rawat, MDDA Colony, Kedarpuram

The danger of corona is increasing rapidly in the country as well as in Uttarakhand. In such a situation, sending children up to fifth grade is not right. Schools are also refusing to take responsibility. In such a situation, the danger will increase further. The government should withdraw the verdict in view of increasing corona infection cases.
-Ramprasad Semwal, Banjarawala

Corona cases are increasing rapidly. Elders can protect themselves, but not children. In such a situation, there is a fear of sending children to school. Either guarantee the safety of school children or the government. Otherwise, the earlier system should be implemented until the risk of the corona is reduced.
Priya Badoni, Banjarawala

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