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The state government has stopped the doctors’ strike.

In view of the transition of Covid-19, the state government has stopped the doctors’ strike. Students and other personnel studying medicine are also included in this scope of prohibition.

According to the order issued by Secretary Health Amit Singh Negi, all services of doctors have been declared as essential services. It is said that there is pressure on health services due to Covid infection. In view of this, the strike has been banned.
Actually, there is already a shortage of doctors in the state. On this, during the Covid transition, the government had to face the displeasure of doctors, nursing staff etc. regarding salary and allowances. In the same way, IMA’s stance was also taken when Ayurveda doctors were allowed surgery.
The IMA has been asked to close OPD on December 11 in protest against it. According to sources, in view of these cases, an order has been issued by the government to stop the strike of doctors.

The right to surgery was given to the doctors of Ayurveda some time ago by the Central Government. It is being opposed by the Medical Association. In protest against this, the IMA has announced the closure of OPD on 11 December.