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Admission process is continuing in the first year of graduation in MBPG, the degree college with the highest number of students of Kumaon.

So far, about three thousand admissions have been done. 47 percent of which is female students. If you look at the figures, in many classrooms the number of students is more than the students. While the students are liking art classes and BSC biology, the students’ interest is seen in solving the problem of commerce and mathematics.

This time in the MBPG college, four thousand admissions are to be made in the first year undergraduate classes. For which three merit lists have been issued by the college administration so far. After which the waiting list has also been published. In view of the demands of the students, correspondence has also been done to the Kumaon University by the college administration to increase the seats. However, the seats have not been increased yet. In such a case, the admission process in the first year of graduation is in the final stages.
Spoken data:
First year of graduation:
Class                                   Boys                                         Girls                        Total Admission

BA                                      525 (43%)                              703 (57%)                               1223

B.Com                               508 (67%)                               255 (33%)                                763

BSC Bio                             119 (29 percent)                     294 (71 percent)                     413

BSC Mathematics           375 (73 percent)                      144 (27 percent)                      519

Facilitates students through online process:

MBPG College Admission Incharge Dr. SN Siddha said that this time due to the online admission process, students have shown a lot of interest in getting admission. Students are feeling comfortable with the online process. For years, most of the students were not ready to take admission only after seeing the crowd.