Instructions to supply suppliers to hospitals first, in view of the lack of oxygen.

In Dehradun district, due to increasing number of corona patients, there is a crisis of oxygen in hospitals. In view of this, the state government has also become active.

Instructions to companies to ban supply of oxygen to industries:
General Manager District Industries Center has been made in charge of Oxygen Management. Also, the companies supplying oxygen in the district have been instructed to stop the supply of oxygen in the industries.

Oxygen is used in food processing units with pharma industries with fabrication related functions. Doon also has a large number of pharma industries. Apart from this, there are also food processing units and fabrication related industries.

In view of the oxygen crisis, there is a ban on supply in industries at present:
However, the number of large industries associated with fabrication is small. Oxygen is used in these industries. In view of the growing oxygen crisis, the supply of industries has been banned at present.

President of the Industry Association of Uttarakhand, Pankaj Gupta said that at present, everyone’s priority is the medical field. Consequently, supply is not being provided in the industries. Ankur Singhal, who operates an oxygen plant, said that at the moment his priority was hospitals.

Nodal officer inspected oxygen plants and industries in Selakui:
Therefore, oxygen is being supplied only in hospitals. Supply of industries has been stopped. On Tuesday, Shikhar Saxena, General Manager, District Industries Center and Nodal Officer of Oxygen Management, inspected oxygen plants and industries in Selakui.

He informed that at present, oxygen is being used less in industries. Suppliers have also been instructed to supply oxygen in the first hospitals. At present, there are enough oxygen cylinders in Doon.

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