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Satish Ghildiyal has demanded that the golden card making work be started at the block level.

In view of the problems faced by the Golden Card being made under the Ayushman Scheme, teacher leader Satish Ghildiyal has demanded that the work of making the Golden Card be started at the block level, Uttarakhand is a hilly state from where the block can go to the district headquarters It takes 6 to 7 hours so that distance is very difficult to cover with the whole family, it is a big challenge to take the elderly dependents to the headquarters and there is no guarantee that the golden card will be made on the same day. There is a problem that the people who had made the golden card first, they will have to cancel it first, then only the new card will be made, in such a situation, people have to go twice, to cancel once and make a new card and the third time. Pick.
Dependents earning more than ₹ 9000 have also been excluded from this scheme, as well as son of more than 25 years will not be able to get the benefit of this scheme, so more than 9000 and unemployed son of more than 25 years will also get the benefit of this scheme. Benefits should be given. Another problem is faced by the personnel that if a wife’s husband has died and her in-laws are dependent on her then according to the mandate they will not get the benefit of Ayushman scheme because the dependents Mother-in-law is not placed in the category, so in such a situation mother-in-law should also be placed in the category of dependents.