Gairsain goes to Harda, the day the budget session will be held in Doon, Harish Rawat will picket in the summer capital on the same day

Harish Rawat, former Chief Minister and head of the Congress’s election campaign committee, is reaching the assembly building at Bharadisain in the summer capital Gairsain on Tuesday. No, Rawat is not going to Gairsain to attend the budget session of the Vidhan Sabha. One, he is not an MLA and then the session is also being held in Dehradun, not Gairsain.
These days there is a huge crowd of devotees in the Char Dham Yatra in Uttarakhand, the police is busy in making arrangements. Therefore, after first fixing the program of the session in Gairsain, the government then decided to do it in Dehradun itself. Congress made it an issue and Rawat decided that the government and MLAs should not go to Gairsain, but he himself would reach Gairsain on the day of the commencement of the session and stage a dharna outside the assembly building. After all, Rawat is not only carrying the state Congress on his shoulders.

The skill of veterans will be tested in the house:
The first budget session of the fifth assembly will be a real test of the skills of the ruling BJP and opposition Congress stalwarts. Although a session of this assembly has already been held, but then its duration was very short, just two days. Whether Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami as Leader of the House or Leader of Opposition Yashpal Arya, both will lead their parties in the budget session. This will be Arya’s first season in a new role.
Assembly Speaker Ritu Khanduri Bhushan will also get an opportunity to conduct the proceedings of the House for the first time for a long time. Just before the start of the session, the Congress has given a clear indication that its stand is going to be attacking the ruling party during the session. It will be interesting to see what strategy the ruling party, which is two and a half times heavier than the opposition in numbers, adopts in response.
Netaji rightly said, the Congress was surprised:
Before the Champawat assembly by-election, Congress leaders had big claims. One person has even said that the result of the by-election will be shocking. When Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami won unilaterally with more than 93 percent votes, it was understood that Netaji had spoken quite a bit. By the way, there was no doubt about Dhami’s victory even earlier, but it will be so big that it will become a record, perhaps Congress did not think so.
In the assembly elections held in February, Congress candidate Hemesh Kharkwal from Champawat got decent votes, but Nirmala Gehtori of Congress could not stand anywhere in the by-election. Congress leaders may now be looking for all the excuses to be reduced to seven percent votes, but the candidates had already said that only they are contesting the elections, not the Congress. A hint to the wise is enough, isn’t it?

BJP leaders have started blooming again:
The leaders of the ruling BJP have started blooming again. After the victory of the BJP in the by-election, there are indications that Chief Minister Dhami may soon distribute the ranks of ministerial ranks along with the expansion of the cabinet. There are three vacancies in the cabinet. There can be a maximum of 12 members in the cabinet including the Chief Minister, there are only nine at present.
The figure of BJP MLAs is 47. Meaning, the number of seekers for the post of minister is huge. These include many former ministers and several-time MLAs. Whose number it is, it will be revealed only after the expansion. Every political party, upon coming to power, nominates its workers in corporations, committees, commissions, as chairman or vice-chairman, who have the status of ministers. In the previous government also, there were more than 70 ministers with similar status. So so many leaders can only hope for.

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