On a population of 1.25 billion, the government has been able to arrange 724 ventilators within a year.

In March last year, Corona knocked in the state. At that time there were 165 ventilators in government hospitals to treat serious corona patients. The number of ventilators has reached 724 during the Covid period. While the second wave of Corona poses a greater threat than the first.

Presently there are 38 Covid Hospitals and 415 Covid Care Centers for the treatment of Corona infected patients in the state. Where there are about 31 thousand Isolation Beds. The total oxygen bed capacity is 3317, out of which 555 beds are corona infected. Similarly, the number of ICU beds is 815. Of these, 119 ICU beds are undergoing treatment for infected patients. 724 ventilators are available in the state for severe corona patients, currently there are 18 ventilators on patients.
Due to increase in corona infection in the state, the number of active patients is increasing rapidly. Due to which the pressure of covid treatment in hospitals is increasing. The old strategy is now being worked out by the Health Department to control Covid. The mortality rate of patients with infection is increasing in the state. There is a big challenge before the government and the health department to stop this.

122 MT of Oxygen in the state:
The biggest problem for corona-infected patients is difficulty in breathing. According to the health department, 122 metric tonnes of oxygen is available in the state. In addition, automated oxygen pipeline has been installed in district hospitals.

This is the arrangement in the state:
Isolation Bed – 31 thousand
Ventilator – 724
Oxygen Bed – 3317
ICU Bed – 815

There is no shortage in the arrangements for the treatment of corona infects in the state. Isolation, ICU, oxygen and ventilator are adequate in the state on the basis of active cases. Health systems will be enhanced when needed.
-Dr. Pankaj Kumar Pandey, Secretary Health in charge

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