The sweat of the administration is getting rid of the enthusiasm of the devotees going to Kedarnath, 5000 pilgrims stopped in Sonprayag due to the increase in the crowd

The enthusiasm of the devotees going to see Baba Kedar is getting rid of the sweat of the administration. On Monday, the crowd increased so much that after 12 noon, five thousand devotees had to stop at Sonprayag. Whereas, 28,995 pilgrims were left for Kedarnath from Sonprayag.

Devotees created ruckus for some time:
Angry devotees who were stopped in Sonprayag created a ruckus on the barrier for some time. The administration somehow pacified them. On the other hand, in view of the crowd, the government has made preparations to control the number of passengers in Kedarnath and Yamunotri.

More than 80 thousand devotees reached for darshan:
Huge crowd of devotees is gathering for Kedarnath Darshan. In four days, more than 80 thousand devotees have reached Kedarnath Darshan. At the travel stops, there is no space left to even set foot.

For the sake of security, the devotees were stopped:
Due to this the arrangements have also started falling short. In such a situation, the administration has to stop the devotees at the halts from the point of view of security. Sector Magistrate Vivek Goswami posted in Sonprayag said that the devotees had to be stopped in Sonprayag for the sake of security.

Cannot go to Kedarnath after 2 pm:
Although devotees were being sent to Kedarnath from Sonprayag till one o’clock in the afternoon, but on Monday this period was reduced by one hour. Told that devotees cannot go to Kedarnath from Gaurikund after 2 pm.

In view of the weather, immediate arrangements were made:
Superintendent of Police Ayush Aggarwal says that in view of the number of devotees and the weather condition, such immediate arrangements are being made. There is no time limit for this. According to the circumstances, the devotees can be stopped at the halts at any time. So that there is no chaos in Kedarpuri.
The temperature continues to reach below zero:
Told that it has been raining continuously since the day the yatra started. Due to this, the cold has increased there and the temperature is continuously reaching below zero.

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