The victory in Champawat was far from the beginning, Congress lost its 24 thousand votes

The result of Champawat by-election will be remembered by Congress for a long time. His victory was far from the beginning when the Chief Minister’s face was in front. But it will be so bad. No one had any idea of ​​this.

In the last election, Congress got 27243 votes in this seat. Then Hemesh Kharkwal was the candidate. But in the by-election, only 3233 votes were received. That is, the Congress also lost its 24 thousand votes. In such a situation, there is a need to brainstorm from the state to the national leadership of the Congress. Congress is continuously losing the electoral battle.
Since the formation of Uttarakhand, people have changed their MLA in every election in Champawat. But Kailash Gahatodi of BJP, who won from here in 2017, broke this myth in 2022. After this he resigned from the post of MLA for CM.

After Gehtori’s resignation, it became clear that the CM’s seat would now be Champawat. Whereas earlier more than a dozen MLAs were ready to vacate the seat. Earlier it was discussed that Congress would field its old leader and twice MLA from this seat, Hemesh Kharkwal. Kharkwal and but after mutual consent Nirmala Gahatodi was given the ticket.
According to the Election Commission of Uttarakhand website, in the last election, BJP got 32547 votes, Congress 27243, AAP 2557, BSP 506 and SP 211 votes. While two independents Jagdish Bhatt got 465 votes and Deepak Belwal got 280 votes.

SP and BSP, which have influence in the politics of Uttar Pradesh, were also seen backward from NOTA in this assembly seat of the neighboring state. Due to very poor performance and currently contesting the election of CM, BSP did not even enter the fray.

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