If you too have kept a dog in your home, then this news is for you.

In Dehradun, you may find it difficult to move a dog without a license. The municipal corporation is now running a campaign against the unlicensed dog. For this, the corporation has also formed four separate teams.

The campaign will be launched in different areas of the city from next Monday (January 11). During this time, if anyone found walking the dog without license, he will be fined. Under this, the first time will be 500 and in the second five thousand fine. This is the third time the corporation will file a lawsuit against the person concerned.

Explain that for a long time, the Municipal Corporation has been appealing to the dog owners to get a license. Most people in the city are not taking licenses. Most people go out for a walk with their dog in the morning and evening, which spread the dirt here and there. The corporation will take penalty action against such people.

Under this, the corporation’s teams will ask the people roaming the dog anywhere in the city to show the license. Those who have not yet licensed their pet dog, will be fined five hundred rupees. Senior Veterinary Officer Dr. Dinesh Chandra Tiwari said that people have been asked to get licenses many times, but most people are not agreeing. These dogs muddy the streets, streets of the city.

License is made for two hundred rupees:
The Municipal Corporation makes a license for pet dog for just two hundred rupees. Despite this, people are not ready to make licenses. Most of the people who are selling Dogi worth thousands of rupees are also avoiding taking license of two hundred rupees. So far most of those people have taken the license of Dogi, who do their bridging and buying and selling.

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