Online Store Review: Scam Alert! Is Trisumori Scam or a Legit? [Trisumori Review 2020]

The internet globe is full of many online shops out of which many online shops are scam such as,,,,,,,,,, so, we are here to give you a review on one of the webshops named as review!! Now the question arises that is a scam webshop?

By reading this review of you will decide by yourself that is this scam shop or not, the answer to this question totally depends on you. As we are not god or judge so you have to read this review to decide on your own that is scam store or legit?

Nowadays you will find many suspicious scam shops such as,,,,,,,,,, so, our main goal behind this review is too aware you about scam stores. To save you from fraud we have mentioned below some points please read them all carefully.

Check the Domain Database:

When the website was created means what is the domain age of the webshop? To know this we have websites like and here you will get all the domain information of the sites.

Follow these steps to check the domain information:
• Go to the search engine.
• Type or on the search engine
• Type the URL of the website
• Click enter
After all this process you will get all information regarding the website domain.

Check the link of the website:

When you are traversing any website then, the very first thing you should do is to check the URL of the website. Check whether the URL starting with https or Http. If the website is using https connection it means that website is secure but in today’s internet globe it is openly provided to all web stores so this is not enough to know that is the legitimacy of the web store because this connection is easily available to all online stores.

Discount-Discount! Exclusive Discount:

Oh! Wow look this store is offering exclusive discount let’s buy something from here lot’s of people shop from the websites by seeing exclusive discounts and this is what the scam online stores want this is the reason why they offer you exclusive discounts so, it’s better not to buy products from these stores or do some research before purchasing from these stores.

Check Social Presence:

Every legit webshop promotes their stores on social media platforms but many scam shops such as,,,,, do not promote itself on such platform and incase if they mention their social links they do not function correctly so, check the social links provided. Click on the links then check the follower and the name of the brand to know that Is the link provided is correct or not.
You will find many scams online shops such as,,,,, which provide you unclickable social links.

Read Customers Review:

Check the overall customer review of the store because all customer reviews on the scam shops are paid. They give you 100 percent surety of this that their store is genuine and the product offered by them is really good and the quality of the product is also good by providing all positive reviews of the customers which are only paid reviews.

Take a look at the Payment Gateway:

Look at the payment gateway information page as most stores which are scam only provides you PayPal method for product billing so be alert!!

Have a look at the Contact Section:

If the website is real then they will surely provide you their contact number so that the customer can easily contact them if they had any query or any issues. But the sites which are not legit they don’t share their phone number to the customers. Scam shop only shares with you their email address which looks genuine but may be correct.

Many scam stores such as,,,,, do not provide you their contact number instead of this they will only provide you their email id to connect with them.

Return and Shipping Scheme:

It is a must for all legit online shops to offer to ship and return policy. The return address should be available on that store if it will be a legit webshop.

Check out the “About Us” section:

If the website is authentic then it will definitely provide you their owner name and enterprise name on the about us info page. Take a while to click the section of about us and check that page to know the enterprise and owner’s name. If the web store is not sharing its owner and enterprise detail that web store may not be trustworthy.

You can see many scam online stores like,,,,, that will not provide you their owner name as well as the company name.

Copied Images and Content:

Both contents as well as images are copied on scam online shops. If you want proof of this that the images are copied then you can simply check the images on the Google search bar. The legit webshop has unique images and content to be different from other stores.

Here are some points that will help you to identify a scam online webshop:

As we have heard that the way we see something is not actually what it is similarly, the most online stores we visit are not genuine but they look genuine so before shopping from any online store please check its review. To help you we are mentioning below a few points to identify scam store.

• Search the web store name on search engine and notice its consequences carefully if the website is visible on the search engine with positive comments then you can trust that web store.

• Check the connection status on the address bar.

• Check its owner detail. Genuine stores provide you with owner detail.

• Check the payment method. Cash on delivery method is always unavailable on the scam site.

• Actually nowadays there are lots of untrustworthy sites that do not provide you contact numbers to connect with the buyers.

• Shoppers get exclusive discounts on scam online shop.

• Scan stores provide their Own review with 5*****rating.

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End Note:

We have listed above several points to aware you of scam online stores after knowing these points about web scam stores it is totally up to you that should you want order from these online shops or not. As your well-wisher, we suggest you not to order from these stores!! And in the end, we just want to say you that stay alert!! Stay safe from scam shops.

Feel free to share your views or clear your doubt by asking in the comment section below.