Uproar in Congress in Uttarakhand: Rar over appointments in present and former state president, tussle intensifies

The factional tussle within the Congress in Uttarakhand is not taking the name of ending. Even before the new organization of the party took shape, the tussle between the heavyweights has started.
State Congress President Karan Mahra and former state president Pritam Singh have come face to face. After the coronation of Darshanlal on the post of State Scheduled Caste Morcha President and now the removal of Lalchand Sharma from the post of Metropolitan President, the distance between the two has increased further.

Karan Mahara is currently battling on two fronts:
State Congress President Karan Mahara is currently having to fight on two fronts. On the one hand ruling party BJP, on the other hand it is difficult for Mahara to overcome the factional tussle on the internal front. The BJP government and organization, which is in power for the second time with a thumping majority, remains invincible for the Congress in Uttarakhand.
Not only the assembly and Lok Sabha elections, BJP has established its strong hold on three-tier panchayats to urban bodies. Congress has to struggle fiercely to strengthen its foothold among the public. After the defeat in the fifth assembly elections in the month of March, the Congress high command put the responsibility of the state president on the shoulders of Karan Mahara.
While battling both these challenges, Mahara is engaged in the campaign to strengthen the organization in the state. After the organizational elections, the new executive body of the Congress is to be formed in the state, but before that swords have been drawn between Mahara and former state president Pritam Singh.
Just seven months before the assembly elections, Pritam Singh, who was angry at being removed from the post of State Congress President, also faced defeat in the elections. His claim for the post of Leader of the Opposition was rejected by the party high command.

So that’s why Pritam Singh is angry:
Uncomfortable with the changed circumstances within the party, Pritam Singh’s displeasure increased when his arch-rival Darshan Lal was made the president of the State Scheduled Caste Morcha. While being the State President, Pritam Singh had taken disciplinary action against Darshan Lal.
After this, Lalchand Sharma, close to Pritam Singh, fell on the post of metropolitan president. Based on the decision taken at Congress’s Udaipur Chintan Shivir, the state leadership also considered his parallel programs as the main reason for taking action against Sharma.
Pritam Singh did not directly comment on this decision of the state organization, but also expressed his unhappiness by expressing the expectation that the Udaipur Chintan Shivir should be implemented equally on all.

The next big challenge is the Lok Sabha elections to be held in the year 2024:
The next big challenge in front of Mahara, who is trying to help and take everyone along in the state, is the Lok Sabha elections to be held in the year 2024. It is not going to be easy for Mahara, who is mobilizing the workers by touring intensively in various districts, to contain the internal discontent. According to Karan Mahara Congress workers are fully united to face any challenge.

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