Uttaranchal Roadways Employees Union has also come down in protest against non-action on various demands.

 The union has warned of a work-out, gradual fast from January 11, if the demands are not met by January 8. The union has submitted a memorandum to Roadways MD in this regard.

State President of Uttaranchal Roadways Employees Union Ravindra Singh Bhagat and General Secretary Ravinandan Kumar said through memorandum that they had postponed the agitation after getting assurances earlier in bilateral talks but no action has been taken on those points so far. He has warned that if all his demands are not processed by January 8, then from January 11, he will start agitation, work out, gradual fast and picketing.

These are demands
All employees should be issued salary for the months of August, September, October and November.
After the order on the special audit of the corporate headquarters, the action being taken to reduce the grade pay of ACP from 4200 to 2800 should be immediately stopped. 4200 grade pay should be kept unchanged.
– Designation of technical staff working under external category in the divisional, depot office should be paid daily salary, contract, part time ad hoc, workcharged.
Separate instructions should be issued in relation to the payment of salaries of such personnel under the relief provided to the contract drivers and operators on 23 September and 27 November by the High Court.
– Prompt action should be taken on vacant posts of all cadres to be filled through promotions in Transport Corporation.
All the drivers, operators of the corporation’s contract and special category, as well as the external source technical staff posted in the workshop, should be paid salary giving all the financial benefits as before.
– On taking up the work of assistant traffic from junior clerk, the Transport Corporation has relaxed the order issued to transfer out of depot and district.
In the letter issued by the Corporation on November 6, the condition of 280 km per day of the driver-operators has to be done as before.
– Two operators who tarnish the image of the corporation should be freed.

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