Vitamins in Potato, Benefits of Potato

Potato is a vegetable. It’s a vegetable that grows under the ground. Basically, it is the root of the plant. It is found in South Africa.  And it is the most popular thing to grow after wheat and rice.  After China and Russia,  India grows the largest number of potatoes. In India, Uttar Pradesh is known as the largest growth of potatoes.

Vitamins in Potato, Benefits of Potato

     There are many varieties of potatoes present. And many items can be made with this single vegetable, like potatoes fries,  samosa, vada pav,  etc.  It is cooked with many other vegetables. In India, it is called The King of the vegetables.

     In India, some people take it in the family of fruits. Most people eat it but some people are there who don’t eat it because it contains fatty content in it. But it also has much healthier and very useful things in it.

     It contains vitamin C,  B complex, iron, calcium,  magnesium, and phosphorus also. It also contains some medicinal properties which give a good result like in skin burning it gives relief instantly when applying on the affected area.

     There is very much a requirement of potato these days. And it gives a good transportation occupation for the worker. They moved it to one place to another place to fulfill the requirement of the people.

     Many companies related to potatoes want too much quantity of potatoes like in chips made company etc. So it also gives occupation to workers/employees who are working in these types of industries.

     Eat potato stay healthy.  There are no side effects of this while taking in good quantity.

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