The weather will be clear in Uttarakhand today.

Weather in Uttarakhand is expected to be clear. On Thursday, Yamunotri Highway has been closed due to debris near Paligad on Thursday night. Many vehicles have been stranded here since night. Efforts are being made to open the route.

The weather will be clear today in the capital Dehradun and surrounding areas. According to the weather center, there will be sunshine in all areas from morning. There may also be a slight decrease in the cold that occurs in the evening.

Keep special care of children in winter like this:
There is a need to take special care of young children in winter. This year’s negligence during winter in view of the Kovid-19 epidemic may adversely affect their health. In this regard, expert doctors of AIIMS Rishikesh have given necessary suggestions regarding child care and catering in winter.

AIIMS Director Prof. Ravikant said that it is a common myth that cold weather causes cold to occur, but it is not so. Flu and cold are caused by viruses. To reduce the spread of germs of these diseases, flu can be prevented by regular hand washing.

Use of masks in this season is also very important:
Teaching etiquette while sneezing and coughing is as important as keeping children aware of hygiene of hands and mouth. The mouth can be covered by bending the elbow while sneezing and coughing. Therefore, to avoid any kind of infection, use of masks in this season is also very important.

He said that there is a high risk of infection of corona virus due to lack of cleanliness of hands or mouth. If the hands of children remain dirty, then whatever they touch, germs of diseases start to spread from them, this situation can prove dangerous in view of corona infection.

Head of Department of Pediatrics of the institute Prof. NK Butt stated that parents should first ensure their children to wear warm clothes in winter. Warm clothes used according to the weather will keep your children warm, comfortable and safe from the side effects of winter.

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