As before, there will be a system of weekly closure.

The Haridwar district administration has withdrawn the weekly detention waiver in the markets during the festive season. With this, the weekly detention system will be implemented again in Haridwar district from today, but surprisingly it is that the market area with the highest traffic movement of passengers has been kept free from weekly detention. In other areas, there will already be a system of weekly closure.

During the festive season, the administration had suspended weekly bandh in the markets from October 15 on the demand of traders. Meanwhile, in view of the increasing infection in the district for the last few days, DM had said to re-implement the weekly ban.
On Friday, he issued a revised order to introduce weekly detention. However, this time the administration came backfoot due to the protest from the merchant organizations. Traders warned of the protest, terming weekly closures as impractical in passenger-dominated areas. In such a situation, the most crowded markets of the Saptarishi region from Devpura are excluded from the weekly ban.

Shops will be open throughout the week in the markets of Devpura Chowk, Railway Station Road, Laltarau Bridge, Upper Road, Bhimgowda, Khadkhari, Bhupatwala area. Passengers in these markets are the most frequent.

In such a situation, it will be a challenge for both the administration and the health department to control the corona infection by following the Covid regulations in the markets. At the same time, DM C Ravi Shankar says that this area has been kept out of weekly detention due to movement of passengers. Here Covid’s guideline will be strictly followed by the police and administration.

Where, when will the market be closed:
– All markets around Jwalapur, Kankhal and Jagjitpur from Shankar Ashram intersection – Wednesday
– Bhagat Singh Chowk to BHEL, Shivalik Municipality, Navodaya Nagar, Roshanabad, Ravali Mahdood, Subhashnagar – Thursday
– Bahaderabad Area Market – Saturday
– Roorkee Municipal Corporation and all markets of Roorkee Cantt – Wednesday
– All markets of Nagarpanchayat Landaura – Thursday
– All markets of Nagarpanchayat Jhabrera – Monday
– All markets in Municipal Mangalore – Monday
– All markets of Tehsil Luxor – Monday
– All markets of Bhagwanpur and Iqbalpur – Monday
– All markets of Nagar Panchayat Piran Kaliyar – Wednesday

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