There will be a weekly Covid curfew on Saturday and Sunday in the capital Dehradun, During this time, necessary service providers will be allowed to move.

The District Magistrate directed all the concerned departments to comply with the curfew. Today shops and markets are closed on the first day on Saturday. Sanitization is being done everywhere. Police are invoicing those who are wandering on the road unnecessarily.

Taking a meeting of officials through video conferencing, District Magistrate Dr. Ashish Kumar Srivastava said that orders for two-day weekly curfew were issued last Saturday. During curfew, action will be taken against anyone other than those involved with essential services.

Rebate to these services:
Vehicles related to medical, fruit and vegetable, milk, petrol and gas supplies.
– pharmaceutical shops, petrol pumps, tiffin service.
– Travelers traveling by airplane, train and bus.
– Construction works of public interest and the workers and laborers working therein.
– On showing the I-card to the personnel working in the industrial sector.

Appeal to everyone to follow the weekly curfew and not to leave unnecessary. All people have to cooperate to break the Covid chain. Police has been asked to strictly follow the rules. Action will be taken against the violators under the Disaster Management Act.
– Dr. Ashish Kumar Srivastava, District Magistrate

Today, sanitation campaign in 50 wards of the city:
Sanitation campaign has been going on in 50 wards of the city since Saturday. Under this, the municipal team is spraying anti-infection medicine in each ward. For this, the corporation has formed separate teams. In the remaining 50 wards, the campaign will run on Sunday.

Municipal Commissioner Vinay Shankar Pandey said that the campaign started at 8 am on Saturday. Regional councilors are also present in the campaign. Sanitization will be done in all the mohallas, roads, streets, commercial and residential areas of each ward. Nodal officers have been appointed to make medicines, machines and other arrangements for sanitization. All major routes, markets, public places of the city will also be sanitized.

There will be sanitization in these wards:
The first team led by Nodal / Zonal Officer Ved Prakash Badhani will campaign in Ranjawala, Nankurkheda, Ladpur, Nehrugram, Doval Chowk, Raipur, Mohkampur, Chaktunwala, Nathanpur I, Nathanpur II, Harrawala, Balawala, Narkonda Ward Second team led by Rajit Kotial, Chander Road, Badrish Colony, Bhagat Singh Colony, Rajiv Nagar, Vani Vihar, Ajabpur, Mata Mandir Road, Chandra Singh Garhwali Ward, Shahnagar, Dharampur, Nehru Colony, Defense Colony, Niranjanur, Majra, Turner Road , Bharuwala, Dipnagar, Kedarpur, Banjarawala, Mothrovala, Mohabbewala, Nawada will do sanitation in wards.

The third team, led by Ravindra Kumar, will spray anti-infective drugs in Indranagar, Seemadwar, Kavali, Sevalkalan, Pitthuwala, Mehunwala, Harbhajwala, Chandrabani, RKadia I and II. The fourth team under the leadership of Vijaldas has been entrusted with the responsibility of sanitization in Adhoiwala, Gujrada Mansingh, Danda Lakhaund and Amwala Tarla.

On Saturday and Sunday, sanitization will be done in the entire municipal area. For this, separate teams have been formed with the coordination of councilors. During this time, efforts will be made to ensure that no part of the 50 wards selected remains sanitized. Sanitation has also been asked for at all major sites.
-Sunil Uniyal Gama, Mayor

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