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There will be a weekly detention in Dehradun today

In order to curb the pace of Corona infection which increased after the festival in Dehradun, the district administration had last week ordered strict observance of the weekly ban. There were orders to close sweets and meat-fish shops as well. Last Sunday, it had a wide impact in the urban area market. However, on this Sunday, the district administration has exempted many establishments from weekly detention.

District Magistrate Dr. Ashish Srivastava said that this time the ban of weekly confinement will not apply to sweet shops, but the shops concerned should be without restaurants. Restaurant service will be discontinued. Apart from this, bakery, meat-fish, flower shops and salons have also been approved to be opened.
Permission to open the salon was also given because the offices are closed on Sundays and people can use this day for haircuts. Apart from this, there will be no restriction on essential services.
The District Magistrate said that the remaining establishments will remain closed and if anyone violates the rules, a lawsuit will be filed under the Disaster Management and Pandemic Act. The city magistrate and all the sub-officers have been entrusted with the responsibility of following the rules of weekly detention. The concerned civic bodies have been asked to conduct mass sanitation for prevention of corona infection for weekly closure.