Who is in luck, no one can snatch the red of Mai… why did CM Dhami say this?

Although the BJP Working Committee meeting was to discuss the upcoming programs along with the review of political proposals and programs, but CM Pushkar Singh Dhami gave a lot of lessons in gestures. Describing himself as the chief servant, the CM told from public representatives, office bearers to senior leaders, everything is met by luck. One cannot change when one is in luck. Whose fate has streaks, no one can snatch Maika Lal. Along with this, he also advised to make harmony with everyone among themselves.
Dhami’s face was full of confidence after the historic victory in the Champawat by-election. He spoke openly for 50 minutes in the last session of the working committee held at a hotel on Rampur Road on Wednesday. He did not directly mention his defeat to Khatima, but said this much, lose everything in life, still keep the hope of victory alive. When he said this, many leaders started raising slogans of Dhami Zindabad. The CM further said, we have such a family, where we can share happiness and sorrow with each other. If we don’t talk to each other even for a day, we should feel sad.
Through this, the CM emphasized on mutual reconciliation. inspired to unite. Together they also appealed to achieve the goal. Apart from this, the CM also gave advice for those who have excessive ambition and said, everyone’s work speaks. Talking on your own will do nothing. Monitoring is done at every level. Now is not the time for shortcuts. Difficulties will come in achieving the goal. This message of CM is more important at a time when in addition to two more ministers in the cabinet, responsibilities are to be made.
You are not going to listen to speeches:
Addressing the meeting, the CM said that I am not giving a speech. There is no rhetoric happening here. Pointing to the ministers, office bearers, MLAs, he said that anyway you are all going to give speeches. I am reminding only of the main subjects. I am reminding you the power of people. Just like Hanuman was reminded of Shakti. Saying this, the CM also gave advice that the way the trees laden with mango and litchi bow down, so is the condition of all of you. People have given us a thumping majority. Now we have to serve the public by bowing like a tree laden with fruits. Speaking about this, the CM started saying, why Tirath da (former CM) am I speaking a good thing or not.

CM was welcomed with Dhol Damaun:
The BJP had specially decorated the hotel on Rampur Road for the state working committee. To welcome the CM on Wednesday, artists dressed in a traditional way played the dhol Damaun. Ladies adorned with pichodas showered flowers.

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