About Us

Every year individuals and corporations around the world are losing billions of dollars to online frauds and scams. Along with changing technology, scammers and hackers are finding new ways to breach security systems, infiltrate users devices.

We recognizes the importance of an Individual’s privacy. We believe users can avoid and prevent most of the scams and threats online through proper awareness. At firstreviewhere.com we work to inform viewers proactively about these new potential threats.

Our mission is to alert, inform & educate users about the potential scams, frauds and threats they may face online. We look into a wide range of scams and threats like identity theft, Phishing email, fraudulent shopping websites, trojan, free antivirus scams etc.

We publishes authentic content in a user-friendly way. We keep users updated with timely alerts containing tips and measures to safeguard themselves. We strive to ensure users interact online with freedom and safety.