Cabinet Minister Ganesh Joshi distributed checks of relief amount to the disaster affected.

On Monday, the Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Sainik Welfare and Rural Development Minister Ganesh Joshi reached Sarkhet by postponing all his pre-scheduled programs. Where cabinet minister Ganesh Joshi distributed checks of relief amount of one lakh five thousand seven hundred rupees to 18 families of Sarkhet disaster affected. During this, the disaster-affected villagers made a request for displacement in front of Minister Joshi, on which Cabinet Minister Ganesh Joshi assured the affected of early displacement and said that all possible help would be provided by the state government to the disaster-affected families. Minister Ganesh Joshi said that the government stands with the affected in this hour of grief.
On the third day of the disaster, he visited the Sarkhet disaster affected area by suspending all his programs. During this, Cabinet Minister Joshi also took information from the officials about the complete construction and relief work. Cabinet Minister Ganesh Joshi reached the disaster affected area and met the disaster victims and assured them of all possible help from the government. Along with this, Minister Joshi instructed the officials of the administration present on the spot so that the affected do not face any problem of food, water, etc. Minister Joshi said that the work of broken roads and electricity is being done very fast by the government administration, the search operation of missing people is also going on war footing.
On this occasion, District Panchayat member Veer Singh Chauhan, Anuj Kaushal, Balam Singh, Tehsildar Sohan Singh Rana, DDO Sushil Mohan Doval, Project Director RK Tiwari, BDO Chakradhar Semwal and many others were present.
Name of family members – Manoj Singh Panwar Father’s Name / Vikram Singh, Suresh / Vikram Singh, Rajendra Singh / Bhatwar Singh, Dinesh Singh / Puran Singh, Smt. Anita Kotwal / Utam Singh, Deepak Singh / Kanwar Singh, Shoorveer Singh / Nain Singh, Sanjay Singh / Jaspal, Sohan Lal / Devidas, Rajesh / Premdas, Manoj Singh Panwar / Shoorveer Singh, Govind Singh / Shurwar Singh, Suresh / Premdas, Shoorveer Singh / Sahab Singh, Kuldeep / Sohan Lal, Sanjay Singh / Shoorveer Singh, Subhash / Premdas.

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