CM Pushkar Singh Dhami provided appointment letters and laptops to the youth trained by Code Yogi.

On Wednesday, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami provided codes to the youth trained by Yogi by various companies in a program organized at Chief Sevak Sadan located at the Chief Minister’s residence office. Appointment letters were given. Trained by Code Yogi and got appointment letter from various ITIs of the state. Giving best wishes to the students studying in polytechnic and polytechnic, the Chief Minister said that the youth who are starting a new life will have to make efforts to do better in life with a positive attitude. This will pave the way for their success in life.
The Chief Minister said that the work done with good spirit also inspires us to move forward. He exhorted the youth to work hard in life and move forward with the thought of moving forward. it is never too late to learn. He said that youth should try to achieve their goals with a choiceless determination. Dreams will come true only when your determination is strong. Referring to Swami Vivekananda, he said that man is a storehouse of infinite energy. He can do whatever he wants. He is not bound by any boundaries. The need is to know and identify oneself. Only then will your wishes be successful.
The Chief Minister said that the work of encouraging youth by providing technical education has also been done by Code Yogi. He told the need for such selfless work to be conducted regularly.
The Chief Minister said that the government will not lag behind in giving incentives for our youth to become job givers and not job takers. For this, attention is being paid to skill development of the youth. He said that for Uttarakhand to become one of the leading states in the country in 2025, all institutions and organizations will have to come forward and become partners. Contribution to the development of the state. There should be a feeling of what we can do better in the interest of the state.

He said that the suggestions of intellectuals are being taken in the medium of Bodhitsav series to take everyone’s cooperation in the development of the state. Working with the mind of simplification, solution till solution. It is our constant effort to fulfill the promises we have made to the people of the state. If we do good work in the interest of the state, then everyone will do good work. He said that the state has gone one step ahead in the field of start-ups. We have joined the ranks of big states in this area.
The Chief Minister said that a new work culture and work behavior has come in the country under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. We are also improving the work culture in Uttarakhand. The state government is working with transparency and with a choiceless resolution. The Chief Minister said that we are busy fulfilling our every promise. Our government has constituted a committee to prepare a draft ‘Uniform Civil Code’ for the state of Uttarakhand, which will submit its report soon. The scope of this Uniform Civil Code will be equal law for all citizens, irrespective of religion they believe in.

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