Dhami appeared in full “Rau”, asked 5 questions to the opponents…

In a democratic system, questions are often asked to the government. An answer is sought from the Chief Minister. In this tradition, many times the government gives bold answers, sometimes it gets surrounded and sometimes it becomes uncomfortable. But contrary to this system, some such occasions are also seen when the head of the government questions the public and asks whether my government has done this work or not. That happens when the leader is full of confidence. This type of incident was seen today at Kalsi, the entrance of Jaunsar Bawar. Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami had come to participate as the chief guest in the “Sports and Cultural Festival” organized on the banks of Yamuna river.

Before sharing this incident, it is necessary to mention here that Dhami government is under all-round siege after the police lathi charge on the unemployed. Coincidentally, the president of Berojgar Mahasangh, Bobby Panwar (who is currently in police custody due to the disturbances in the movement) belongs to Jaunsar Bawar and Chief Minister Dhami directly addressed the public in Kalsi, the historical town of the area, on Sunday. Since Bobby Panwar is a resident of Jaunsar Bawar, the police administration was apprehensive that the Chief Minister would not have to face opposition from the local youth in Kalsi. Because of this, the entire government machinery made full efforts to get the Chief Minister’s program canceled last night. Requests were made to the Chief Minister not to go there, but he said that if it is such a thing, I will definitely go to Kalsi and meet the protesting youth and ask some questions. However, this apprehension of the police administration proved to be baseless. A large number of youth participated in the festival. There was opposition but only nominal. The youth listened to the Chief Minister’s address leisurely. Thanking even the opponents, Dhami humbly asked questions from the public. The questions were –

1- Whose government allowed the copying mafia to become a menace in Uttarakhand?

2 – Has any Chief Minister put the members of the counterfeiting mafia gang and the officers and employees involved in it behind bars?

3 – Who is confiscating the property of more than 60 people of the gang who have gone to jail so far and getting them prosecuted under strict sections like gangster?

4 – Whose government canceled 4 examinations on receiving complaint of irregularities and now who is re-conducting them with leak proof system?

5 – The Chief Minister also asked Dhami that within six months of receiving the complaint, whose government implemented the country’s most stringent “anti-copying law” in the state?

Dhami, who often talks with a cool mind, was seen in full rage during his speech today. He said that the copycat mafia, which has spread in many states of the country, has very deep roots. It will definitely take time to eradicate this canker. It requires willpower and determination. Dhami beat the beat and said that “Opponents also know that only Pushkar Singh Dhami can end this canker by following the path shown by Prime Minister Modi, although for this I will have to face many protests and conspiracies”.

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