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You have landed on the right place and your research ends right here. We in this article will provide an honest review about Dst . You people might be searching about Dst and the problem will be right solved here. Definitely your mind will be full of questions and doubts like whether Dst is scam or not? Is it worth working with Dst? How does Dst carry their operations?

In this era of globalization people are working all time over the digital world. Therefore it becomes important for each one of us to be aware of all the facts surrounding us. There are times when the internet world pushes us behind.

Basically, Dst.com.bn is an online shopping website which claims to sell 100% quality products to its customers. The company promises to deliver the same products as shown in the pictures and best customer service. Now, though we do not have much idea about the working of Dst, therefore we should investigate about the company and its owner.

Hence, we advise all our readers to deal with business only with those companies which we have knowledge about. Now, the question comes how to observe the details about the company when it is not mentioned in the official website. The simple answer for it is to glimpse some reviews from the pre members about the website.

In the below paragraphs we will be recording some basic points in order you to chose whether Dst is legit or not. It is advisable to read the below mentioned points carefully and find your answer by yourself whether it is positive or negative. The points will help you to choose whether you should go ahead with your decision or withdraw the idea of shopping from Dst. As there are many red flags for shopping online depending on the website and majority of them are mentioned below:

Dst might be best for you

1.) Selling branded products without franchise:

In majority of the cases online shopping sites try their best to design their websites in such a way that it resembles like branded websites. Such sites name their domain same as branded sites to trap the innocent people. These websites does not take any permission from the official company to sell the branded products.

For example; a domain is registered with “Pumaine” and such a site is selling the products of “Puma”. Now, think when Puma is such a renowned brand and has their official website then why the developers will be required to create some other website with a domain name “Pumaine”.

These types of websites carry no specific agreement and no authority; therefore it is advisable to beware of such scam sites.

2.) No owner details & WHOIS:

For carrying online business transparency is very important for building trust with present and potential customers. According to the modern marketing customer satisfaction is given the topmost priority where customers are given the place of god because if customers do not purchase the products of the company then how the company will make profit. Therefore it is important for the company to be transparent.

Hence there are various online sites which hide major details both on their official website and on WHOIS records. Such companies tend to hide owner details, contact information, address of the company and such more details. As we all are aware of this fact that renowned websites like Amazon, Ebay, etc provide all such details which will increase the trust score of the customers towards the company.

According to the observation those companies which hide the details of their owner in WHOIS records are termed as scam. This is a common feature found in most of the scam sites. The reason behind such secret is that the developers of the company do not want their members to find about the owners in the case of mishappening.

Each and every person who deals in business transaction no matter it is shopping online; we should always check the background of the company. It is the right of each and every customer to know the details of the owner of the company we will transact business with.

3.) Huge Rebates:

No one can neglect the fact that human beings love to shop especially if the products and services are on discounted prices. Therefore we all should be aware of this fact that no company provide discount 24*7 on their products all the year. Hence, this is the common trap laid by the scammers to dupe the innocent people.

The reason behind this bait is that the developers of the company exactly know the trick of attracting the crowd of people. The biggest mistake made by the people is that they shop without taking a background check of the websites from where think of purchasing the products and that is where the scammers play their trick.

4.) Ugly website designing:

Such websites do not invest much amount in creating a strong website because they know the fact that they will not operate in a long run. If we will clearly observe the official website then we will get to know that the design of the website is very untidy, no clickable logos, major grammar mistakes, copied images and content. The company knows very well that they have no sustainability in this business that is why they do not wish to invest much.

In addition to this many websites place the logo of social media accounts ensuring that they do work on social media but the truth is that whenever you will click on the social media logos they will take you directly to the homepage.

Each and everyone know that marketing on social media has become one of the priorities for all the business and firms. Therefore companies which do not take their operations seriously are termed as scam and fake.

5.) Fake images and content:

We come across various shopping websites which tend to copy their content and the images glimpsed from other sites. Genuine sites which plan to operate in a long run believe in transparency and trust. For carrying long term business the companies must be honest with their customers.

No matter what real sites do not copy the content and the images from other sites. They believe in uniqueness as it will attract more and more customers.

For recognizing whether the site has copied content or not you should Google and search the images shown on the website. If the shopping site will be scam and fake then your search will led you to other unknown site.

6.) Absence of About Us section:

The sites where we are shopping from must have originality of their own. The uniqueness of the site must be reflected in the designing and the content of the website.

If some shopping website had copied the content of About Us from other website, then it is for sure that the working of the website is scam.

About Us section is the very important part for any online website as it forthright the owner details and contact information of the website.

7.) Payment Gateway:

The logos present on the official website secure the payment. The originality of the logos is that they can be clicked once tapped. These logos represent the authenticity of the company and its owner.

Sites which represent logos that are not clickable are termed as scam. Whenever we click on these logos they take will take you directly to the official page of the website. These companies have provided the pictures of the payment gateway rather than putting up the original icons of the payment gateway.

8.) Misuse of provided information:

Security and safety measure of customers should be one of the priorities of the company. Scam sites tend to steal the provided financial and personal information of their customers. Even scam sites sell such valuable information of their customers to the third party.

This mythology can be checked by searching about the reviews of other customers for a particular website you think of shopping from.

Being a genuine shopping website the developers of the company must provide required security measure to the customers of the company. Scam sites are prone to cyber attack which can harm our personal life.

9.) Stealing of data:

Data scamming has become popular these days. Every second person is complaining about being scammed. Therefore there are possible chances of getting scammed if we shop from unknown websites.

Providing personal and financial details to unknown websites can lead to cyber attack and eventually hacking your computer or mobile phone.

Due to this it is always advised to people that shop only from well known websites. Or in case of unknown sites then you must always check the background details of the company and its owner. Obtaining such detail is very helpful in case of downfall.


In our final verdict we conclude that we must always check the originality of the shopping website we wish to shop from. It is recommendable to beware of the trap laid by the scammers.

Thereafter all the points are explained in great detail, hence it is on you as a reader to decide whether to start your shopping or to stay away from it.

We suggest you to share such valuable information with other people who fall in the trap laid by the scammers for it is our duty as being an aware citizen.

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