Understand online scams and avoid them today! Eu4ua.com: Real or Scam?

Scammers are brilliant actors so; you also need to be more brilliant by understanding the online scams and ways to avoid them today. We have addressed below the common types of online scams by which you will get great idea of online scams and you will able to avoid them. This article holds all the information about the online scams by which you will able to decide whether you should believe any site, email, etc or not. Haven’t heard any conversation about Eu4ua.com? Want to know about it? Read this article and decide by your own whether to believe Eu4ua or not.

Understand online scams and avoid them today! Eu4ua.com: Real or Scam?

Let’s understand all the online scams closely.

1. Shopping Scam

Do not deal with a site that makes you feel suspicious. Before you shop do check whether your peer or your known people have purchased from that site or not, if yes then, how was your peer or known people experience, was it ok or not?

Check the business location, emails, number and business details for that you don’t have to do any struggle or you don’t have to travel miles, only you have to drive into the about us and contact details page of the site, after finding these details search them on Google to know whether they are true or not.

Check these things:

  • Domain age
  • Contact details
  • Return and exchange policy
  • Owner’s profile
  • Customers review
  • Online review
  • Product details
  • Quantity
  • Social media link
  • Payment option

2. Loan Scam

Need loan? Whenever you see ads or loan website do not forget to check its legitimacy. Loans scammers mostly target those people who urgently need some cash on their hands so, before taking loan understand loan scam.

How to identity?

  • If a loan company takes fees in advance for documentation and processing verification before approving loan then, it might probably a loan scam. Fees are needed but, legit loan companies mention all these on their agreement and never announce it verbally.
  • Legit loan companies always check credit score. Walk away from those loan company that notifies you that they don’t need to check your credit score.
  • Do check the physical location of the loan company, if it does not share its physical location then, it is definitely a loan scam.
  • The most known way used by the scammer is that they will give you a time limit to apply for a loan so, that you may not get enough time to do research about the lender.
  • Check email and web site- security.
  • Loan scammers will pressurize you by saying the offer or loan deal may expire soon so, immediately so, you have to apply for loan faster within no time.
  • If the website and email content doesn’t seem in a professional way or there is any mistake then it might be a chance of loan scam.

3. Bitcoin & Crypto Currency Scam

These scams will never make you richer person. Criminals’ uses bitcoin as it is tough to trace so be careful before investing on any crypto currency or bitcoin.

  • To stay away from bitcoin or cyptocurrency scam check the history of core team members behind that scheme.
  • Check the social media platform of the project.
  • Within short time offers unbelievable returns.

4. Dating Scam

Talking with right life partner might look like love but, what if your right turns out wrong and lure you? Dating frauds are on rise which is why you should take some caution while connecting with any person online.

Dating scammers could break your heart, how?

  • In the name of emergency, ask you for payment.
  • From starting becomes over friendly with you.
  • Gives you unrealistic fake compliments.
  • When you ask for video call, refuses you.
  • Doesn’t have profile pic on whatsApp or any other social media platform.
  • Does not share their facebook or instagram account.
  • Insist you for meeting at your home or at private place.
  • Before meeting you blocks you from romance application or edit their full profile.

5. Make Money Online Scam

  • A business that you never know but, still wants to connect with you might be money scam.
  • You are asked for advance transaction.
  • If the domain name of the company is unusual then, stop preferring that company as it might take you to the scam world.
  • You are asked to do transaction through unusual payment option.

6. Investment Scam

  • Investment scammers try to scam users with short term investments.
  • Investment scam includes pyramid scheme, Ponzi scheme,etc.
  • Scammers’ gives people chance assuring amazing returns.
  • Scammers ask people to transfer cash.
  • Before believing, clear your doubt about risk, cost and other doubts related to investment.

7. Gaming Scam

Gaming is the most popular hobby among everyone and scammers use this as a way to target people.

  • Mobile phone scam: free to play game need gold, gems and time for progressing, scammers can use this trick by offering you some extra gold or gems free of cost by filling a survey which may include phone number, email id or some fun facts about you and they will update these details to answer all your secret security query correctly. Always review phone bills to avoid these gaming scams.
  • Game login scam email, will ask for your passwords for logging in. first they will announce that you have blocked from your account then, ask for your unique password but, how to avoid? Never click email link.
  • For logging in visit official site.

8. Lottery Scam

An email is delivered to users clamming that they have won a lottery and share this notification that they have to submit payment as processing fees or account details.

  • The lottery scammers will claim you that you have won a lottery that you may have never entered.
  • To receive a gift or prize, scammers will demand money.
  • They will pressure you to function quickly.
  • Use fraud email accounts.
  • Takes personal information.

9. Jobs & Employment Scam

Scammer also gives fake job and employment offer so believing on any job related offer investigate deeply.

Tips to avoid job/employment scam offers:

  • If you didn’t apply for any job but sill you get some job/employment offers then, it is surely fake.
  • Do not trust such job offers that do not ask for any experience.

Check the job senders’ email- address.

10. Gift Card Scam

Gift cards are only for giving gifts, not for taking payments. If someone wants to get cash from you for gift then, it’s a gift card scam.

11. Ticket Scam

When you buy ticket online from any website and it won’t get delivered to you then, it is a ticket fraud.

  • There are some online platforms that give you an offer of buying ticket online but, before you say yes to this chance of buying ticket online then, do check its authenticity.
  • Ticket scammers may provide you ticket but when you will reach at the event the organizer may say you that the ticket you bought is not real.
  • When you will contact the site from where you purchased ticket and they will not answer then, avoid connecting to them.
  • It is an easy task for scammers to design a fake site that looks loyal or the name of the site may looks like legit site but if you are not sure about it then, leave that site.

12. Points Scheme Fraud

Point scheme fraudster sends message to the people to declare them that they have won huge points through a program online and for that they have to disclose their financial information for confirmation of the payment.

13. Phishing Scam

Phishing fraudster transfers emails or messages by trying to trick users into offering sensitive and valuable data.

14. Charity Scam

Charity scammers narrate emotional- story and says normal people and with this they ask for money for charity support.

15. Government Agency Scam

Fraudster mimic as government official and interrogate for personal detail, this scam can happen through email or call.

Want more?

1. Domain for sale

Some sites domain expires and after that they put their domain on sale. You can find out What the reason behind the domain shutting down of a website, you can also try to find out what was that website earlier by searching its review online.

2. The site can’t be reached

Some sites might show you result-“The site can’t be reached “and these types of sites might be scam so, you can view its review online. You can also try to find out the site legitimacy in future whenever it will publish any content.

3. Login

Some website ask you to login before showing its content so, all you can do is, check its online feedback before logging in.

4. Product Review

Check the release date of the product and its reviews date. Most of the scammers publish review of the product before its releasing date so, be careful with this. Check the profile of the reviewer. Directly ask questions to the reviewer if it will be genuine reviewer then, they will always answer you but, if they are not genuine then, they won’t reply as most of the fraud reviewer do, not respond.

5. Fake software

Fake software scams mostly begin with a pop-up cautioning you by informing that there is some kind of issue on your software and says you to click a secure download for particular software.

How to avoid any type of scam?

Scam Alert!

S: Stop– Whenever you are asked to give personal information or payment.

C: Check– Verify before trusting. Contact company or you may drive into the website, check are they really who they tells they are.

A: Act– Take action immediately. Report every fraud incident.

M: Mention– We also have social responsibility so, mention others also about the scams.

Safety Tips

  • Use only trusted transaction option.
  • Use privacy-settings.
  • Use unique and big password.
  • Shop from reputable brand and company.
  • Share limited -details online.

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