About 130 women watched the film “The Kerala Story” under the leadership of BJP Mahila Morcha Metropolitan Vice President Pushpa.

Under the leadership of BJP Mahila Morcha’s Dehradun Metropolitan Vice President Pushpa Padiyar, about 130 women of Mussoorie watched the movie “The Kerala Story” at the only cinema hall in the city on Thursday.
On this occasion, Vice President Pushpa Padiyar said that the story of this film is showing various aspects of today’s youth/girls like being alert, not trusting any unknown without thinking. And parents also need to learn from this film that they should make their children aware of their religion so that no one can forcefully convert them. He said that on the initiative of some more friends, I will try again in the coming days to show this film to more friends.
On this occasion, Radha Anand, Pushpa Pundir, Vijay Vijay Lakshmi Kala, Rajeshwari Negi, Rekha Kandari, Kamla Kandari, Anju Panwar, Rita Khullar, Neeta Rawat, Radhika Rawat, Shikha Semwal, Neelam, Priya, Sushma 130 women including Rawat, Guddi Panwar, Manju Chauhan, Cheena Tiwari, Rekha Rawat, Rajeshwari Bhatt, Anita Negi, Sunita Dhanai participated.

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