Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami met PM Modi, shared the theme of strong Uttarakhand state

Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami met Prime Minister Narendra Modi and informed him about the roadmap being prepared to make Uttarakhand a strong state by the year 2025.
He told that like NITI Aayog, the work of setting up State Institute for Empowering and Transforming Uttarakhand (SETU) has been started in the state. State Millet Mission is being launched to eradicate malnutrition and to promote the production of conventionally produced coarse grains.

Sharing the theme Strong Uttarakhand @ 25 also took guidance:
Chief Minister Dhami also sought guidance from Prime Minister Modi while sharing the theme Strong Uttarakhand @ 25 in New Delhi on Tuesday. He presented a shawl made of Kandali fiber to the Prime Minister. Dhami informed that a target has been set to double the state’s economy in the next five years.
A reputed agency like McKinsey has been appointed to prepare its roadmap. Considering Mana of Chamoli district as the first village of the state, a cabinet meeting has been proposed there. The state government has included in its main agenda the Prime Minister’s appeal to tourists to buy at least five percent of their expenditure on local material during their visit to Uttarakhand.

Natural farming in 11 districts:
He informed that 6624 clusters have been identified for high value agro-horticulture. The implementation of Mission Natural Farming is proposed in 11 districts. Two clusters of 500 hectares each will be formed in each district.

The state dynamic master plan is being prepared under PM dynamic. Sites have been selected in four districts for setting up Sainik Schools under the PPP model. It is proposed to sign new MoUs with various industries for large scale employment generation.

Rain fed rivers join glacier based rivers:
The Chief Minister said that if rain-fed rivers in the state are linked with glacier-based rivers, Uttarakhand along with the whole of North India can benefit from this innovative experiment.
Due to global warming in the Himalayan states, the water source is rapidly depleting. There is a strong need for the revival of these water streams in a mega program in mission mode. This program of multi-state importance is not possible without the technical and financial cooperation of the Central Government.

New airport built in Chaukhutia:
The Chief Minister urged the Prime Minister to set up a new airport or airstrip at Chaukhutia near summer capital Gairsain. He said that renewable energy and small hydro power policy is being formulated to encourage investment in solar power and small hydro power projects in the state.

The Chief Minister expressed gratitude to the Prime Minister:
Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami described the meeting with the Prime Minister as important and encouraging. He said that the Prime Minister always gave assurance of guidance from the point of view of the development of the state. He thanked the Prime Minister for this.

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