Review: Is Pearlyo an untrustworthy online retail shop?

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Now let’s do some analysis on the website and find out whether it is a trustworthy store to invest money in or not.

What is is an online retail shop that is in trend nowadays because of their unique and handmade shoes that they are offering all around the world at surprisingly low rates.

The website offers its products at a low price range according to another website on the online marketplace which attracts a huge number of people to visit the website and makes it popular in very few days.

They are selling different kinds of products on their website page.

Now let’s analyze their products:

9 different categories are presented on the homepage of the website. These categories have various subcategories, which contains many products of different style and variations.

New Arrival- the new arrival category has so many subcategories. They offer women’s clothing, women’s sandals, new shoes, men’s sandals, men’s clothing, men’s formal shoes, canvas-loafers, men’s handmade shoes.

Best Seller- the best seller category is selling the best handmade shoes to their customers.

Men’s Shoes- the men’s shoe category is offering boots, water shoes, handmade shoes, etc.

Women’s Shoes- this category is selling all of the popular sandals and shoes for women. The category includes boots, casual shoes, sandals, sneakers, handmade flats, etc.

Dresses & Clothes- this category conduct a wide range of women’s clothes. The category has 2247 items of women’s clothing apparel which they are providing a low cost.

Clothes- the clothes category of the website is selling clothing items for both men and women. Mostly they have men’s clothing style in this category. They are selling men’s shirts, bottoms, retro style, women’s clothes, pants, etc in this category.

Bags- the bags category is selling both men’s and women’s bags for different occasions. They have wide varieties of bags in their bags column.

Sales- the sales column has clearance, new summer style, Easter sale, best seller, and under the $29.99 sale category. People can shop according to their choices.

Realistic Toys- this category is unique in its own way. In this category, they are selling toys that have a realistic touch on them. There are so many toy items presented in this category such as dogs, cats, monkeys, etc.

The website displayed a wide range of products on its homepage; once you visit the website you can find many things of your need at pocket-friendly prices.

What is the discount deal that Pearlyo offers? offers huge discount offers to their customers. All of the products available on the website have huge discount labels on them. They are giving 20%-70% discount on their every single piece of product. Coupon codes are also available for the discounted items.

Their discount offer says that:

-Buy 1 item get 2nd with 20% off.

-Buy 2 items and get 3rd on 40% off.

-Buy 3 items and gets the 4th one with 70% off.

The coupon codes for the discounted items are:

-The coupon code for 20% is CODE: A20

-The coupon code for 40% is CODE: A40

-The coupon code for 70% is CODE: A70

Website details of has provided their company details with their customers. They have provided several details about their company like company address, email-id, social media links, etc.

Although, the website hides their owner details, contact details, and many other important details from their customers.

They don’t even disclose any essential details about their company, owner, and their work on the WHOIS record.

About- Website Format

The website is designed very beautifully and has a very attractive layout. They have provided different pages that have some important details about the website like; About Us page, Contact Us page, Return, Shipping, Cancellation, and many other pages that are available on the homepage of the website.


Although; the website- is very popular on the online marketplace the website hides too much valuable information from its customers.

That’s why we do not recommend and always aware you to stay careful about such websites while shopping from them.

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