Dehradun Rozgar Mela: PM Modi connected through video conferencing, said this about ‘mountain water and youth’

Through video conferencing, Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated all the candidates who participated in Uttarakhand’s job fair and received appointment letters.
During the program organized on Monday, he said that the responsibility of putting this resolution on the ground in Uttarakhand is on the shoulders of the youth. Be it the central government or the BJP government of Uttarakhand, it is our constant endeavor that every youth gets new opportunities according to his interest and ability.
Said that everyone should get proper medium to move forward. The country has resolved to prepare the youth of India for the new century through the new National Education Policy.
Today, as far-flung areas of Uttarakhand are being connected by road, rail and internet, tourism is also expanding. New tourist places are coming on the tourism map. Due to this, the youth of Uttarakhand are getting employment there and they do not have to move to big cities.
The Prime Minister said that today so much investment is being made on infrastructure in Uttarakhand that it is not only easy to travel far and wide, but new employment opportunities are also being created.
Said that in the last few months, the central government has given appointment letters to lakhs of youth of the country. We have to change the old belief that mountain water and mountain youth are of no use to the mountains, therefore it has been the constant effort of the Central Government to create new opportunities for employment and self-employment in the mountains.

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