The double engine government of the center and the state is doing fast development – MP Malarajya Lakshmi Shah.

BJP Mussoorie Mandal welcomed the Lok Sabha MP from Tehri on his arrival in Mussoorie. On this occasion, Maharani Malarajya Lakshmi Shah met the workers. On this occasion, he said that a lot of work is being done through the central government for tourism, women empowerment, education etc. for every section in the public interest, while the state government is also doing it, but due to the remote area, the work done is less visible. and it takes time to complete the work. By the way, Mussoorie’s MLA Ganesh Joshi is continuously developing.
He said that due to the size of the parliamentary constituency, he has to visit the entire Lok Sabha constituency. On the problems of Mussoorie, he also said that efforts will be made to find out why the railway out agency in Mussoorie was closed and get it opened. On the demand of connecting the National Highway 707A with the Chardham All Weather Road, he said that a matter has been raised for this in the Parliament as well and this demand also came up in Nainbagh Damta. In fact, this is the old route of the yatra, efforts will be made to connect it with the all-weather road. On the bad condition of the roads, he said that the matter of improving the condition of the roads is also discussed in the meetings, for this the Public Works Department is more responsible, while roads are being built everywhere, but there is a problem in this area, efforts will be made to improve the condition of the roads. Get better On connecting Mussoorie with rail, he said that even when he became the first MP, he had raised this matter in front of Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu and it is very important to have rail here. Because this will give a boost to tourism like it is in other states, efforts will be made to plan a toy train for Mussoorie. Regarding the development of Mussoorie, he said that many schemes for its development are underway. To solve the water problem, Yamuna drinking water scheme is being started, efforts are being made to build a tunnel, which will benefit Mussoorie in the coming time. On not coming to Mussoorie, she said that I try to come to Mussoorie and stay here for two days, but due to the large Lok Sabha constituency, I am unable to spare time, but she herself accepts that she could not come here, whereas from Mussoorie Many times they come to visit the area but they are not able to stay, while also saying that the party’s family is here which is cooperating and working together and they will definitely come to Mussoorie.

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