CM Pushkar Singh Dhami worshiped cows, blessed the prosperity of the people of Uttarakhand

On the occasion of Govardhan Puja, Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami worshiped cows at the Chief Minister’s residence on the occasion of Govardhan Puja. During the puja, he wished the people of Uttarakhand happiness, prosperity and happiness. Along with him his wife Geeta Dhami also worshiped the cows.

Cow revered and respected by all mankind:
On this occasion, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami said that cow is revered and respected for the entire human race along with the Sanatan culture. In Indian culture, cow is considered as the bestower of happiness, good fortune and prosperity and fulfills all wishes.
Chief Minister Dhami called upon the young generation of the state:
Congratulating and wishing the people of the state on Govardhan Puja, Chief Minister Dhami especially called upon the young generation of the state. He said that the youth should come forward to preserve and promote their nature-loving and eco-friendly traditions and culture.

Governor also worshiped Gaumata:
Governor Lt Gen Gurmeet Singh (Seni) also prayed for the happiness and prosperity of the people of Uttarakhand by worshiping Gaumata at Raj Bhavan on the occasion of Govardhan Puja today. Governor congratulated and extended best wishes to the people of the state on Govardhan Puja. First lady Gurmeet Kaur was also present on the occasion.
Govardhan Puja today, tomorrow Bhaiya Dooj will be celebrated
Govardhan Puja was not done on Tuesday due to solar eclipse, due to which Govardhan Puja is being done on Wednesday. Whereas the next day i.e. on Thursday, the festival of Bhaiya Dooj will be celebrated.
Earlier on Tuesday, the doors of the temples were closed as soon as the Sutak of the solar eclipse took place in Pachvadoon. Due to the sutak of the solar eclipse, even the morning aarti could not be done in the temples. Many devotees did not eat or drink anything as soon as the solar eclipse started.
Along with this, the housewives put basil leaves in the food items. So that there is no effect of eclipse. The solar eclipse in Pachvadoon started at 4.26 pm and lasted till 5.32 pm. During a solar eclipse, one side of the Sun appeared to be cut off. Which was captured on cameras by many people.
After the solar eclipse ended, the temples were washed. Ganga water was sprinkled. In view of the various effects on the zodiac signs, some recited Hanuman Chalisa and some recited Srisukta. A devotee remembered his presiding deity.
After the end of the solar eclipse, devotees also took a bath in the Gangbhava stepwell, which is called the penance place of Gautam Rishi. Dr. Pankaj Kishor Gaur, Jyotishacharya of Shri Adyashakti Vidyapeeth Sanskar Jagriti Kendra Selakui, says that due to the date of rise, Govardhan Puja will be done on Wednesday and Bhaiya Dooj will be celebrated on Thursday.

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