Alert issued regarding Nipah virus in Uttarakhand, know its symptoms and methods of prevention

After Corona virus, now Nipah virus is ringing alarm bells. It has not been long since Covid was gone that now another dangerous virus has knocked.
Alert sounded in Uttarakhand due to Nipah creating ruckus in Kerala. It has not been long since Covid was gone that now another dangerous virus has knocked. After Corona virus, now Nipah virus is ringing alarm bells. By the grace of God, Uttarakhand has been safe from this virus till now, but this virus is creating havoc in Kerala. Two people have lost their lives due to Nipah Virus in Kerala. This disease is usually spread by bats. Pigs are also considered carriers of this disease. An alert has also been issued in Uttarakhand regarding this disease. Uttarakhand government says that the administration is fully alert and ready to fight this virus. So far, two people have died due to Nipah in Kerala. Whereas, 5 people have been infected with Nipah virus. Not only this, the condition of the 9 year old child remains critical. Amidst the fear of spread of Nipah virus in Kerala, the Kerala government has also issued orders to keep schools and banks of 7 villages closed. Uttarakhand government has also become alert regarding Nipah virus spread in Kerala. According to the information, infected bats have been found in Goa, West Bengal, Assam, Meghalaya, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Bihar, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. That means Nipah virus has knocked in 10 states of the country. In such a situation, all the states of the country have been put on alert, including Uttarakhand.
You all must be having this doubt in your mind as to whether this is Nipah virus. So let us tell you what it is and what are its symptoms. First of all, this virus is not coming to India for the first time, but it has already spread in many states and many people have died due to this virus. Now this virus has become active once again, after which the administration has also become alert. Let us tell you that the first case of Nipah virus in India was reported from West Bengal in the year 2001. After this, cases of Nipah virus were reported in Kerala in the year 2018. During that time, 16 people had lost their lives in Kerala. Since then, Nipah virus has spread four times in Kerala itself, due to which 19 people have died. Nipah virus is much deadlier than Corona virus. All CMOs and district administrations have been asked to remain alert regarding the situation arising in the entire country regarding Nipah virus. A patient infected with Nipah virus suffers from high fever, headache, stomach ache, cough, fatigue, vomiting, diarrhea and difficulty in breathing. Apart from this, there is pain in joints and muscles. There is neither medicine nor vaccine for Nipah virus. In such a situation, Nipah can be avoided only by caution and cleanliness.

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