Chief Minister Dhami’s blast, Harda and Pritam said wow amazing

If BJP leaders praise their Chief Minister, then it is made, but opposition Congress veteran former Chief Minister Harish Rawat and former Leader of Opposition Pritam Singh also say something in praise of Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, then one will have to agree that despite being the youngest Chief Minister, Pushkar has something. are having fun.
Dhami has taken an initiative this time, he has asked all the MLAs to know about the top 10 priority development plans of their constituencies. This is so that the government can fulfill the hopes and aspirations of the people.
All the MLAs, meaning apart from their own party, Congress, BSP and 23 independent MLAs are also included in this list. The message is clear that the development of the entire state is important in the eyes of the Chief Minister and not party politics. Former Leader of Opposition Pritam Singh welcomed this. Harish Rawat has appreciated Dhami’s decisions even before this.
Harak said with love, I resigned, your when
Ever since former minister Harak Singh Rawat returned to the Congress, he has remained silent. In the last four assemblies, whoever held the power, he held an important position. If he is in power, then the minister is in the opposition and then the leader of the opposition. This is the first time that Harak is not an MLA, but Hanak is intact.
In a recent event, he had an encounter with Urban Development Minister Prem Chand Agarwal. Prem Chand is on the target of the opposition for the recruitment of the assembly, so Harak immediately asked the question that when are you resigning. Harak further said that when he was a minister, he had resigned on moral grounds.
In fact, Harak had to step down as a minister in the first government of the state. Now love lashed out and said, you had resigned because of the Jain episode. Assess yourself, who is heavy on whom.

The man who is passionate, his name is his business:
Dr. Dhan Singh Rawat is one of the few selected members of the Dhami cabinet, who are seen to be the most active. In fact, they also have very heavy ministries. From primary to higher education, as well as health and cooperatives. Meaning they have enough scope to make a place in the media. There are so many important departments, but has anyone ever seen them taking rest?
The mood of enthusiasm is that even they themselves do not know when it has turned into over enthusiasm. It was three days ago, near the capital Dehradun, he established a brave wall in a new degree college. Shaurya Deewar is a symbol of courage and valor of the brave soldiers of the country, so that students can take inspiration from them. Now it is a different matter that the college in which the wall of bravery was established, has neither its own land nor the building.

Legislators should build bridges of praise, there is definitely some thing:
In the second innings, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami is strengthening his grip among the public by taking big decisions one after the other. After any such move of the government, naturally the state president and spokesperson appreciate it, but in this episode last week, the way the statements of some MLAs came one after the other, it caught everyone’s attention.
After the statements of former state president and former minister Bishan Singh Chufal and Banshidhar Bhagat, two-time MLA Vinod Chamoli praised Chief Minister Dhami, counted the achievements of his tenure, there are interesting discussions in the corridors of power. Chufal and Bhagat were in the cabinet during the first term of Chief Minister Dhami, but now they did not get a chance. Both remain silent, Chamoli remains silent anyway. It seems that everyone’s eyes of knowledge are now open after the Akashvani from above.

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