Sword hanging over 231 disputed appointments in Vidhan Sabha Speaker Ritu Khanduri may order inquiry

People demanding an inquiry into the backdoor appointments in the Assembly are now waiting for the Speaker to return from Delhi.
After the recommendation of Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, the sword is now hanging on about 231 controversial appointments made in the Assembly. Speaker Ritu Khanduri Bhushan can order an inquiry into all these controversial appointments. The people demanding an inquiry into the backdoor appointments are now waiting for the Speaker to return from Delhi. Meanwhile, state BJP president Mahendra Bhatt also said that if there has been a disturbance, then milk should become water of milk.

Two-term temporary appointments are on target:
Former Congress President Pritam Singh has undoubtedly raised the issue of investigation of all the recruitments made there since the formation of the Assembly, but the target of the investigation is the temporary appointments of the tenure of two former Speakers. Of these, 158 appointments were made in the year 2016 when the Speaker of the Assembly was Govind Singh Kunjwal. After him, in December 2021, during the tenure of the then Speaker Premchand Agarwal, appointments were made to about 73 posts.
Congress fears being out of recruited favorites during Kunjwal tenure:
In the matter of inquiry into the controversial appointments of the assembly, BJP state president Mahendra Bhatt took a dig at the Congress that it is pretending to be a movement to avoid its political shallowness. He is apprehensive that the favorite recruited during the tenure of former Speaker Kunjwal in the investigation will be out.

Congress is not digesting trust in Dhami:
Bhatt said that the Congress is not digesting the increased trust in the public due to the precise and decisive action of the STF in the paper leak case of the undergraduate level examination of the Subordinate Services Selection Commission. Congress did not take any action against corruption during its tenure. Now she is masquerading as the movement.
Now waiting for the speaker:
After the letter of the Chief Minister, now everyone is waiting for the arrival of Speaker Ritu Khanduri Bhushan. He is expected to return to Dehradun on Saturday. It is believed that Ritu will speak to the media and clear her stand on the controversial appointments and the Chief Minister’s letter on these appointments. It is expected that she may decide on a high-level inquiry into the disputed appointments.

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